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Selected Sources on the History of Franklin College, Marshall College, Franklin & Marshall College, and Franklin & Marshall Academy


  • Alumni Association. Franklin and Marshall College Obituary Record. v.1-2. (June 1897 - June 1909). Lancaster, PA: Franklin & Marshall College, 1903. LD1871 F21 (obituary notices of prominent men affiliated with the institutions; includes name indexes).
  • Appel, Theodore. Recollections of College Life. Reading, PA: 1886. LD3231 M65 A6 (re: Marshall College and life in Mercersburg, Pa. : :)
  • Brubaker, John H., III. Hullabaloo Nevonia; an Anecdotal History of Student Life at Franklin and Marshall College. Lancaster, PA : Franklin & Marshall College, 1987. LD 1871 F24 B78 1987(illustrated and indexed guide to the history of student life).
  • Catalog of Officers and Students, 1787 - 1903. Lancaster, PA : Franklin & Marshall College, 1903. LD 1871 F21a (has name index of persons affiliated with Franklin College, Marshall College, F & M, and Mercersburg College).
  • Charters of Franklin college, Marshall college and Franklin and Marshall college and By-laws of Franklin and Marshall college. Lancaster, PA.: Franklin and Marshall College, 1942. LD1871.F17 1942 Charters available online
  • Deslippe, Dennis with Johanna Schein and Alysse Vaccaro. An Institution Re-founded: Coeducation at Franklin & Marshall College. An Oral History.  Lancaster, PA: Franklin & Marshall College, 2009.
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  • Rupp, Theodore H. A collection of recollections: Franklin and Marshall Academy 1920-1943. Lancaster, PA: Franklin and Marshall College, 1993.LD7501.L36 F75 Archives (Franklin and Marshall Academy student life. )
  • [Rush, Benjamin]. A Letter by Dr. Benjamin Rush Describing the Consecration of the German College at Lancaster in June, 1787. [with introduction and notes by Lyman H. Butterfield.] Lancaster, PA: Franklin & Marshall College, 1945. LD 1871 F22 R8
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