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Recent publications on scholarly communications topics

Published evidence on COVID-19 in top-ranked journals: A descriptive study 

We aimed to investigate the scientific material generated during this pandemic by assessing the profile of articles in top-ranked scientific journals (TRSJ), focusing on categories related to COVID-19 research or management.

Open-access Plan S to allow publishing in any journal 

Funders will override policies of subscription journals that don’t let scientists share accepted manuscripts under open licence.

A Landmark Open-Access Agreement 

Ambitious open-access Plan S delayed to let research community adapt

Funders behind the policy tweak rules after major consultation.

How swamped preprint servers are blocking bad coronavirus research

Repositories are rapidly disseminating crucial pandemic science — and they’re screening more closely to guard against poor-quality work.

Scholarly publishers are working together to maximize efficiency during COVID-19 pandemic 
How COVID-19 lockdowns could lead to a kinder research culture 
COVID-19 and the future of open access 

The Scholarly Communications Librarian

Based in Archives & Special Collections, the Scholarly Communications Librarian is an advocate for students and faculty in the realm of scholarly publishing and course materials. Chris can help with open access publishing, open educational resources, textbook affordability strategies, and a range of copyright issues from the differences between Creative Commons licenses to the rights retained when negotiating the terms of an author contract. Chris is also the point person for College Scholarship, F&M's open access institutional repository residing within Scholars Square.

Scholarly Communications Librarian

Scholarly Communications Librarianship

Scholarly Communications is a relatively new specialty within academic librarianship. With expertise in academic publishing, copyright, and the digital systems which facilitate communication between researchers, librarians trained in this field can help faculty and students determine the best means of discovering, accessing, and publishing scholarly content. Most Scholarly Communications Librarians are also passionate advocates of open access (OA) publishing, open educational resources (OER), and reforming the inequities and exploitation they see in the current system of scholarly communication. As a result, they often possess a deep familiarity with open licensing, institutional repositories, and the pervasive problem of textbook affordability.

Topics in Scholarly Communications