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College History Fast Facts

Henry S. Williamson Medalists 1922-present

The Williamson medal is the college's highest student award presented annually to the outstanding senior of the graduating class. The medal was created through a gift from Owen J. Moon and named in honor of Henry S. Williamson (1853-1917), a Lancaster businessman, philanthropist, and a member of the Franklin & Marshall board of trustees who donated funds for the construction of Williamson Field.


1922    Harold Adams
1923    John Light Atlee, Jr.
1924    Robert Cummings Zecher
1925    John Calvin Truxal
1926    Paul Augustus Kunkel, Jr.
1927    Harold Jay Budd
1928    James Ziegler Appel
1929    Charles Russel Zweizig
1930    Elias Eiester Phillips
1931    William Gordon Landreth
1932    John Gorman Walsh
1933    William Gibney Diffenderfer
1934    John Nevin Schaeffer, Jr.
1935    John Neal Bethune
1936    Joseph Nunzio Cascio
1937    Fred Girvin Hocking
1938    Kenneth Ingvard Greisen
1939    Edgar Smith Rose, Jr.
1940    Charles Henry Lecrone, Jr.
1941    Richard Predmore Vaughan
1942    Emory Coblentz Swank
1943    Joseph Michael Doughty
1944    Nathaniel Ellmaker Hager, Jr.
1945    Roger Jacob Steiner
1946    Bruce Peale Ryder
1947    Francis Ellsworth Ringer
1948    Emmett Carl Boyle, Jr.
1949    Carl Hess Brubaker, Jr.
1950    John Russell Hughes
1951    William Harry Rader
1952    Karl Guy Klinges
1953    Richard Nelson Clewell
1954    John Geist and Phil Long
1955    Thomas Edward Headrick
1956    George John Morgan
1957    Stanley John Dudrick
1958    Charles Franklin Smith
1959    Roger Edwin Bolton
1960    Charles Dean Crystle
1961    John Ward Moore
1962    John E. Hambright
1963    Robert J. Kafin
1964    Robert Tobin Lasky
1965    David Featherman
1966    Harold C. Mathews
1967    Philip Jeffrey Hay
1968    Leslie Lenkowsky
1969    Michael Scheininger
1970    Charles Henry Woernle
1971    Frederick Goldberg
1972    Gregg J. Weir
1973    Judith M. White

1974    Marc Golden
1975    Brian Flaherty
1976    Deborah E. Cohn
1977    Loretta Ann Angell
1978    Jennifer Whiting
1979    Mark A. Monborne
1980    Charles William Ormsby
1981    Eric S. Holmboe
1982    Sara Adams
1983    Vanessa Christman
1984    Evan S. Siegelman
1985    Joseph Daniel Capristo
1986    Gary S. Fischer
1987    Robert B. Belser, Jr.
1988    Elizabeth A. Eide
1989    Michael J. Lengle
1990    Matthew Hieu Tran Bui
1991    Christopher Morabito
1992    Steven P. Scalet
1993    Melissa Hawkins
1994    Tricia Vos
1995    Donnell Butler
1996    Amil Dasgupta
1997    Aaron M. Griffith
1998    Katherine Hennessey
1999    Nadia Chaudhri
2000    Haley Rintel
2001    Amanda J. Rader
2002    Lara A. Margolis
2003    Nathan McGovern
2004    Ellen Baier
2005    Dunuwille Eranda Ruwan Jayawickreme
2006    Stacey Blanck
2007    Pierre Ankomah
2008    Laura Beth Michaels
2009    Aditi Malik
2010    Erik Kelly
2011    Chelsea Schein
2012    Judith Stapleton
2013    Alexis Rae Teevens
2014    Michael Christopher Haines
2015    Rachel Codkind
2016    Morgan Kincade
2017    Tekla Iashagashvili
2018    Caroline Lawrence
2019    Yousra Chaabane
2020    Anastasiia Grigoreva

2021    Leilani Tomiko Ly 
2022    Hailan Yu
2023    Nadezhda Ivanova

Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award 

Since 1961, Franklin & Marshall has presented the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award to tenured faculty members who have demonstrated a sustained excellence in teaching. Although teachers with very disparate styles have won this award, they are all fully engaged in their disciplines, eager to share their ideas, and deeply committed to helping students establish their own intellectual lives. The Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award has consistently been held in high esteem, as it is the principal and most visible award to recognize outstanding teaching at the College. This award is made possible by a grant from the Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation. According to LDTA guidelines, a faculty member may not receive this award more than once.

1961    Vincent H. Haag and John B. Noss
1962    Luther J. Binkley and Norman P. Zacour
1963    Elias H. Phillips and Frederick H. Suydam
1964    James M. Darlington and Charles D. Spotts
1965    Donald W. Western and Sidney Wise
1966    Fred A. Snavely and Bradley R. Dewey
1967    Harry K. Lane and Charles H. Holzinger
1968    Kenneth H. Brookshire and Leon Galis
1969    John H. Moss and Arthur W. Shively
1970    Dale F. Ritter and Philip E. Bedient
1971    Richard F. Schier and Donald J. Tyrrell
1972    Ruth Van Horn and Henry R. Jaenicke
1973    Albert L. Bell and Edward S. Brubaker
1974    Stanley Michalak and Claude Yoder
1975    Grier Stephenson and William Whitesell
1976    Louis Athey and Carl Pike
1977    Stanley Mertzman and Gordon Wickstrom
1978    Ira Feit and John Joseph
1979    Edward Beutner and Hugh Evans
1980    Joseph Karlesky and Robert Russell
1981    Nancy McDowell and Norman Taylor
1982    Alan Glazer and Roger Thomas
1983    Richard Fluck and Robert Gray
1984    Joel Eigen and Anthony Ugolnik
1985    Joseph Voelker and Solomon Wank
1986    Kirk Miller and Alfred Owens
1987    Charles Stewart and James Taggart
1988    James Spencer
1989    Michael Seeds
1990    Ann Steiner
1991    Katherine McClelland
1992    Michael Roth
1993    George Rosenstein
1994    David Schuyler
1996    Curtis Bentzel
1998    Kerry Whiteside
1999    Richard Moog
2000    Patricia O’Hara
2001    Conrad Kasperson
2002    Robert Barnett
2003    Judith Mueller
2004    Misty Bastian
2005    Lisa Gasbarrone
2006    Michael Billig
2007    Maria Mitchell
2008    Carol deWet
2009    Rob Jinks
2010    Sean Flaherty
2011    Carol Auster
2012    Greg Adkins
2013    Dean Hammer
2014    Mary Ann Levine
2015    Lynn Brooks
2016    Annalisa Crannell
2017    Jeffrey Nesteruk
2018    David M. Roberts
2019    M. Alison Kibler
2020    Alexis Castor
2021    Jennifer Morford
2022    Jennifer Redmann
2023    Scott C. Smith

Bradley R. Dewey Scholarship Award

Throughout his years in the Dean's Office, Brad Dewey worked to enhance the  quality of intellectual life at Franklin & Marshall College. His dedication to faculty  development stemmed from the belief that instructors who truly engaged in  scholarly endeavor will be in the best position to inform their teaching with fresh  insight and renewed enthusiasm. He played a pivotal role in the professional  growth of members of the faculty by encouraging them to expand and deepen  their scholarly inquiry. To honor his memory, the Dewey family, friends, and the  College have established the Bradley R. Dewey Scholarship Award, which will be  give annually to the faculty member who best exemplifies this ideal of the scholar  whose research efforts reflect and inspire excellence, and enlighten teaching.  The award will be given to recognize a research program of consistently high  quality, or to encourage a scholar to bring to fruition research in progress.

1990    Claude Yoder
1991    Richard Fluck
1992    Louise Stevenson
1993    Sanford Pinsker
1994    James Spencer
1995    Joel Eigen
1996    Grier Stephenson
1997    Ed Reed*
1998    Robert Wiebe
1999    Annette Aronowicz
2000    Greg Adkins
2001    John Andrew*
2002    James Taggart
2003    David Schuyler
2004    Roger Thompson
2005    Phyllis Leber
2006    Dean Hammer

2007    Lynn Brooks
2008    Michael Murray
2009    Kerry Whiteside
2010    Dorothy Merritts
2011    Tony Chemero
2012    Bennett Helm
2013    David McMahan
2014    Stan Mertzman
2015    Michael Anderson
2016    James Strick
2017    Andrea Lommen
2018    Scott H. Brewer
2019    Nicholas Montemarano
2020    Amelia Rauser
2021    Dan Ardia
2022    Carol de Wet
2023    Susan Dicklitch-Nelson

* posthumously    


Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award

The Richard Kneedler Distinguished Service Award is given each year to a member of the professional staff, in recognition of his or her outstanding contributions and demonstrated commitment to the mission of the College.

During his long association with Franklin & Marshall, Richard Kneedler exemplified what it means to be a true citizen of the College. Many others have been inspired by Richard Kneedler's example. Through this award, the College will recognize a professional staff member or two staff members each year for his or her contributions and service to the College.

2005    David Stameshkin, Office of the Dean of the College
2006    Beth Betrone, Philosophy
2007    Steve Spadafore, Physics and Astronomy
2008    Kathy Clark, Sociology and Anthropology
2009    Marty McGrath, Facilities & Operations
2010    Andy Gulati, Shadek Fackenthal Library
2011    Lisa Stillwell, Shadek Fackenthal Library
2012    Dan Lewis, Facilities & Operations
2013    Rus O’Connell, Art and Art History
2014    John Coccia, Information Technology Services
2015    Chris Alexander, Registrar's Office
2016    Dick Denlinger, Facilities & Operations
2017    Tami Lantz, Economics, Religious Studies, the Africana Studies Program and the Judaic Studies Program
2018    Ted Schmid, Facilities & Operations
2019    Lydia Brubaker, Executive Assistant to the Provost
2020    Debbie Joseph, Department of Music Academic Coordinator

2021    Jessica Haile, International Student Services; Teb Locke, Kelly Miller, Instructional & Emerging Technologies
2022    Jenn Buch, Research Services Specialist
2022    Jason Brooks, Director of Research Computing Services

Honorary Degree Recipients

2023    Jacob E. Bleacher, Ph.D., '00
2023    Kathleen E. Harring, Ph.D., '80, P'11

2023    Carlos Graupera

2022    Viet Thanh Nguyen

2022    Nadia Chaudhri '99

2022    Peter Feigin '92
2022    Allison O'Toole '93
2021    Sonya Clark

2021    James R. Stengel
2021    Beverly R. Steinman

2020    Pedro A. Rivera
2019    Rahel Nardos, M.D.
2019    Bebe Miller
2018    Nicole Hurd, Ph.D.
2018    Rachel Levine, M.D.
2018    Charles M. Lieber, Ph.D.
2018    Cory Booker
2017    Evelyn N. Farkas, Ph.D.
2017    Don Graham
2016    Thomas W. Wolf
2016    J. Richard Gray
2016    Gail Gray
2016    Nilaja Sun Gordon
2015    Sherry Turkle, Ph.D.
2015    Robert K. Koomson
2015    Richard Plepler
2014    Caswell A. Evans, Jr., D.D.S., M.P.H.
2014    Jennifer Whiting, Ph.D.
2014    George Stephanopoulos
2013    Stanley J. Dudrick, M.D.
2013    Melanne Verveer
2013    Jane Moss
2012    Wanda M. Austin, Ph.D.
2012    Michael R. Bloomberg
2012    Lynn Nottage
2012    Jaron Lanier
2011    Donald K. Hess, L.H.D.
2011    Eugene Braunwald, M.D.
2011    Ariel Dorfman
2011    Akinwumi Adesina, Ph.D.
2011    Honorable Richard G. Lugar
2010    Dale F. Frey, L.H.D.
2009    Colin L. Powell
2009    Deborah Bial
2009    Myles Brand, Ph.D.
2009    Christo Javacheff
2009    Richard D. Winters
2009    Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon
2009    Thomas G. Phillips, III, L.H.D.
2008    David Greene
2008    Robert Zemsky, Ph.D., L.H.D.
2008    Ellen Arnold Groff, L.H.D.
2007    Robert Pfannebecker, Esq.
2007    Wolf Blitzer
2007    Laurie D. Olin
2007    Donna Eileen Glover
2006    Floyd S. Skloot
2005    Doreen E. Boyce, Ph.D., L.H.D.
2005    Louis A. Butcher, Jr.
2005    Marilyn Ware
2004    John H. Glick, M.D., Sc.D.
2003    Sidney Dickstein, Esq.
2003    Caroline S. Nunan
2003    Freeman A. Hrabowski III, Ph.D.
2003    Whitfield J. Bell, Jr., Ph.D.
2003    Edward G. Rendell
2003    Jane Moss
2003    Michael B. Wood, M.D.
2002    H. Art Taylor, Esq.
2002    Aaron J. Martin, Ph.D., Sc.D.
2002    Richard Kneedler, Ph.D.
2002    L. James Huegel, Esq., LL.D.
2002    John M. Buchanan
2002    Leslie Lenkowsky, Ph.D.
2002    William G. Simeral, Ph.D., Sc.D.
2002    Charles E. Glassick, Ph.D.
2001    Judith M. White, Ph.D.
2001    Paul L. Leventhal
2001    Glen Tetley
2001    Melanne S. Verveer
1999    Alan I. Leshner, Ph.D.
1999    David L. Warren
1998    Charles Osgood
1996    George J. Harad
1995    Mary Atlee
1995    Mary L. Schapiro, Esq.
1994    James E. Lapine
1991    William W. Adams
1990    Niara Sudarkasa, Ph.D.
1989    Kenneth M. Duberstein, LL.D.
1986    William H. Gray III, LL.D.
1985    Harold Prince
1984    Malcolm S. Forbes
1979    Wendell R. Garner, Ph.D.
1977    Laurence Kerr Olivier LHD
1977    Gregory Peck, L.H.D.
1977    Franklin J. Schaffner
1967    Joseph S. Clark, Ll.D.
1967    Charles H. Behre, Jr, PhD, ScD
1965    Sir Tyrone Guthrie, L.H.D.
1964    Gen John H. Michaelis, Ll.D.
1962    Ben M. Herbster, D.D.
1962    Bergen Evans Litt.D.
1961    Malcolm Cowley
1960    Will Herberg, Litt.D.
1960    Theodore O. Yntema, PhD., LL.D
1958    Arthur F. Buddington, Phd,lld
1957    Louis B. Wright, Litt.D.
1957    William S. Middleton, M.D., L.H.D.
1957    Barnaby C. Keeney, Phd, Ll.D.
1957    Theodore A. Distler, LLd
1956    T.H. Chappell, Litt.D.
1956    David G. Baird, Ll.D.
1956    Gaylord P. Harnwell, Sc.D.
1956    Clarence L. Jordan Ll.D.
1955    Alfred H. Williams Ll.D.
1954    Theodore E. Woodward, M.D.
1954    Silas P Bittner, Th.D.
1953    Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
1952    Gottlieb Siegenthaler, DD
1952    Joseph B. Wissler, LLD
1952    John Jay McCloy, LLD
1951    Elmer H. Bobst L.H.D.
1951    W. Conard Fernelius, PhD, ScD
1951    Charles Sawyer, Ll.D.
1951    John D. Russell, LLD