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CNX 258: Object Lessons


The Research Process

Organizing Your Research

It's important to keep track of your papers, newspaper articles, and other resources for your class work. This can manifest in several different ways, and can be as simple or as complex as you'd like it to be. To start, I recommend making a concept map like I mentioned in class (see an example completed map to your right), to keep track of your keywords and searches. You can use a computer program like Lucidchart, or pen and paper - it's up to you! 

Also remember to keep track of your citations in Zotero - it's easiest if you add the articles and other resources as you find them, to ensure that you're not scrambling to find articles a second time. For further help using Zotero, remember that you can reach out to Anna Boutin-Cooper or use Zotero's helpful Quick Start Guide