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CNX 258: Object Lessons

Multidisciplinary Databases

Subject-Specific Databases

This is a partial listing of some subject-specific databases to which the College Library subscribes. For more help and more complete listings of sources for the subjects below, click on the subject name, which will link you to the subject page. For a list of all available databases, consult the A to Z Database List


Art & Art History

Local & Regional Archival Resources

Auction Catalogs

Auction catalogs can be tricky to find and to search, as different libraries have differing policies about what they collect, and we at F&M have not historically collected auction catalogs. While we do have a few in our collections, they are not consistently held or collected here. When searching for catalogs in discover, try both spellings of catalog - catalog and catalogue. 

Links in the list below with an asterisk (*) next to them indicate that holdings may only be searchable, meaning they are not fully digitized. If you find something here, try to request it through Interlibrary Loan

Here are a few different places you can search for auction catalogs: 

And as always, if you're having difficulty finding catalogs, please meet with Anna for further help.