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CNX 258: Object Lessons

Reverse Image Search via Google

You can use tools like Google's Reverse Image Search, to look for other images of your object - or images of objects that are similar to yours. The homepage looks like the image below. To search by your image, click on the camera icon in the search bar. 













You have two options for searching with an image. You can either upload your own image, or paste in a link of the image you'd like to search. Keep in mind that if you choose the URL option, your image must be publicly accessible (i.e. on the open web) for Google to search with it. 















From here, you'll be led to a results page, like the one below, with results containing your image as well as images that are visually similar to yours. 



Image Resources

Citing Images

When using images in your scholarship, treat them as you would any text-based resource, like a book or scholarly article!

Always cite your sources, and include where you found your image in your work. 

For specific questions about citing images in particular style manuals, or general image questions, contact Anna.