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What is College Scholarship?

College Scholarship is the Open Access institutional repository of Franklin & Marshall College. It currently contains collections of student theses, research fair projects, and faculty scholarship. We are now growing our collections to include and showcase faculty preprints, post prints, data sets, and more.

Access College Scholarship Here

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Benefits of Institutional Repositories

Depositing your work in College Scholarship benefits faculty, students, the F&M community, and the general public:

  • You will receive a permanent handle/URI
  • Most institutional repositories adhere to archival standards for preserving your work in perpetuity
  • Google crawls and indexes repositories, so your work is widely accessible and discoverable
  • Institutional repositories provide a place for you to store syllabi and other teaching materials along with your scholarship
  • Studies have shown that work deposited in open access institutional repositories is cited more often
  • You can fulfill grant requirements, as institutional repositories offer a space to store and preserve accessible research
  • More scholarly information is available for patients and patient advocates
  • Students can access scholarship after graduating