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When your article is accepted in a journal, the publisher's standard publishing agreement often asks you to sign away your copyright, limiting your own use and limiting access for others. You are your own copyright holder until and unless you sign over your rights in a publisher agreement. The resources on this page can help empower you during this process so that you retain key rights to your intellectual property.

SPARC Author Addendum

More Resources for Authors

Know Your Rights: Copyright and Self-Archiving 101

Before you publish:

Check Sherpa-Romeo to view publisher copyright and self-archiving policies before you submit. 

After your publication in accepted:

When signing a publisher's agreement, use the following resources for securing copyright to your own intellectual output:

Consider a Creative Commons License for your work. Creative Commons licenses allow you to retain your copyright but share your work widely. They are also free and easy for others to interpret how your work can be used, reused, remixed, modified, and shared.