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F&M College Library

College Library COVID-19 Updates

Chronicling COVID-19 Call for Submissions

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we all know it, along with our work at Franklin & Marshall. Years from now, how will historians describe the ways we spent our days during this complicated time? We are writing about how to preserve snapshots of our lived experiences now, so that we can have them for the future.  

To this end, the F&M College Library's Archives and Special Collections is collecting materials that document how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community.

We would greatly appreciate your contributions to this - if interested, please use this form to submit your thoughts, stories and/or files (photos, audio or video recordings, documents, etc.) reflecting your experiences during the pandemic. 
The form offers a choice on whether your submission will be included in Scholars Square, our online repository - you can see similar examples of the documentation of College History at