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Alumni Access to Library Resources

F&M alumni are important to us! The College Library supports alumni research in many ways, with: 

  1. Access to expert assistance from our wonderful library staff.
  2. Access to our two campus buildings, Shadek-Fackenthal Library and Martin Library of the Sciences.
  3. Access to borrowing privileges for print books: up to 5 books for 28 days using your F&M id (includes spouses and partners).
  4. Access to all of our electronic resources while physically present on campus. Please ask for assistance in the Research Services office of Shadek-Fackenthal Library.
  5. Access to our Website and research guides, which provide useful information and ideas to advance your research.
  6. Guidance on accessing public library and state library resources as well as openly available resources, whether on campus or off campus.
  7. Printing: Please see a staff member for assistance with printing.
  8. Remote access to a limited number of licensed databases via True Blue Network. PASSWORD REQUIRED: To access the databases, please visit the True Blue Network Alumni Access page and ask to join if you are not already a member. Once you are a member of the Network, you will be able to find information about how to access these resources.

For more information on how and when to use our buildings and resources on campus, please see the information below. For more information on how to access electronic resources remotely, please see the information provided on the next three tabs of this guide.  For more information about the College Library visit the Library Website.  For information on obtaining an F&M Alumni ID Card, please visit this site.

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