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World War Posters

World War I and II Poster Collection


This collection consists of posters documenting American involvement of the two World Wars of the 20th century. The World War I poster collection includes several posters by major illustrators of the time such as Joseph Pennell, Howard Chandler Christy and Jessie Willcox Smith, many of which made these artists famous.

 Introduction to the WWI Poster Collection Complete Inventories:

World War I Posters

Artist unidentified

Artist identified 

World War II Posters

Introduction to the World War I Poster Collection

With over 115 posters in the its holdings, the WWI Poster Collection represents a wide variety of images used for propaganda purposes during the First World War.

Ellsworth Young's poster depicting the "rape" of Belgium

Ellsworth Young's poster
depicting the "rape" of Belgium.

As illustrator and artist, Joseph Pennell, observed, "When the United States wished to make public its wants, whether of men or money, it found that art--as the European countries had found--was the bestStrothmann "Beat Back the Hun"medium." Posters, with the directness of their appeal, were a natural choice. As a medium of persuasion, the posters used easily grasped and, indeed, stereotyped images to sway public opinion. After news of alleged German atrocities in Belgium reached the U.S., the image of the 'Hun' was repeatedly employed to arouse public animosity against the enemy. Fred Strothmann's famous poster "Beat Back the Hun" (right) is a classic example.

The Wilson government's Division of Pictorial Publicity of the Committee on Public Information employed over 300 of the most prominent illustrators of the time to help propaganda efforts.

Christy "Fight or Buy Bonds"

Among them were artists such as C. B. Falls, E. H. Blashfield, Joseph Pennell, Howard Chandler Christy ("Fight or Buy Bonds"; see below), Joseph Leyendecker, Jessie Willcox Smith and L. N . Britton. Our Collection includes posters of these and other famous artists. These posters cover a variety of themes--from the role of women to liberty loan drives, and from resource conservation to the Red Cross. Many of the poster artists were also prominent as magazine illustrators, etchers, lithographers and writers. Joseph Pennell, for instance, was noted for his architectural drawings and his cover illustrations for Harper's Magazine.

Pennell New York City under seigeJoseph Pennell's famous poster portraying 
New York City under seige is now tragically relevant.
This striking poster went through two million prints.
It was so popular that Pennell even wrote a book on it.
He described the image as,
"New York City bombed, shot down,
burning, blown up by an enemy". 

Similarly, Alonzo Foringer's works include not only posters but also Canadian and European bank notes. The Poster Collection also includes the best known posters of the less famous artists (e.g. "For Home and Country" by Alfred Everitt Orr). Several uncommon posters are also part of the Collection (e.g., Edward Penfield's "Every Girl Pulling for Victory"). In its entirety the College's poster Collection presents a multifaceted view of American society during wartime.

The breadth and variety of the posters in Collection make it extremely valuable as an introduction to the political, social, economic and graphic art trends during the First World War in the United States.

sheridan food is ammunition

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World War I Poster Collection - Artist unidentified

Inventory of posters by anonymous or unidentified artists

Interchurch World Movement1 Interchurch World Movement. features Lincoln & quote. 2 items. 21x27

2 "All America thinks and acts on National Thrift Day, Feb 3". YMCA. 1 item22x29

3 "Eat more corn." United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 2 items. 16x29

4 "United We Serve." United War Work Campaign. 170,500,000. 2 items. 20x30

5 United War Work Campaign. poster for church. 2 items. 19x25

6 "Buy United States Government Bonds." Liberty Bell & Independence Hall. 2 items. 20x30

7 "Buy Liberty Bonds." features profile of Lincoln & quote. 2 items. 20x30

Help fill the war chest/Humanity calls you8 "Help fill the war chest/Humanity calls you." features chest filled with money. 2 items. 20x30

9 "White someone gives his life - what are you giving? - think a minute. All of the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief." blue border, white background, red cross. 1 item. 20x27

10 "A little starving child brought back to life because you went without some luxury. All of the Red Cross War Fund goes for War Relief." blue border, white background, red cross. 1 item. 20x27

11 Quote by Secretary of the Treasury. Second Liberty Loan of 1917. features soldier holding U.S. flag and sailor holding sign saying "We Depend On You." 1 item. 20x30

12 "The Reformed Church in the United States 400th anniversary of the Reformation..." features heads of Reformed Church educational institutions.1 item. 21x28

13 "The spirit of the War camp community service, Home hospitality." United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 20x30

"The spirit of the War camp community service, Invitations to Home entertaining." United War Work Campaign. 1 items. 20x30

My Daddy bought me a Government Bond14 "My Daddy bought me a Government Bond". Third Liberty Loan. features child holding bond. 1 item. 20x30

15 "United War Work Campaign." Victory Boys & Girls. 2 items. 25x38

16 "United War Work Campaign." Company poster. 2 item. 25x38

31 "They died for you (killed on the field of battle) Buy Liberty Bonds." features young men from Lancaster County. 2 items. 26x40

76 War Chest Fund poster for business. 1 item. 17x24

88a Red Cross. 1 item

88b "Join the Red Cross." heart shaped. printed on both sides. 1 item.

Make good the promise/Second War Fund/One hundred mission dollars/May 20th-27th89 "Make good the promise/Second War Fund/One hundred mission dollars/May 20th-27th." features rainbow coming out of pot of gold in America connecting North America to Europe. 1 item. 11x21

90 "The War of Munitions/How Great Britain has mobilized Her industries." 1 item. 16x21

91 "Humanity Calls? Dare you refuse?" 1 to 31 War Chest. 2 items. 11x21

92 Cablegram. American expeditionary force France. quote from Pershing. United War Work Campaign. 1918 Nov 11-, 18. 1 item. 14x22

96 "Third Liberty Loan Subscriber." red, white & blue flag. Washington, D.C.: Capital Publishing. Bond. 2 items. 9x7

97 "Keep them smiling/this home is helping our boys over there/United War-Work Campaign." features sailor, soldier & officer. red, white & blue border. 2 items. 11x7

98 "The Greatest mother of the world/Join the Red Cross/-All you need is a heart and a dollar." Red Cross nurse holding child on stretcher. Red Cross. 2 items. 10x6

99 "For Our Soldiers and Sailors/November 11-19/National War Work Council."inverted orange triangle. 2 items. 10x7

Third Liberty Loan100 "Third Liberty Loan." features liberty bell. Owners Emblem. triangle. color. 2 items.

101 "Honor Flag of the Third Liberty Loan." The North American. 1917 Apr 7. 1 item. 9x7

102 American Flag. color. 48 stars. 1 item. 7x5 (at widest)

103 "We are pledged to buy." War Saving Stamps Campaign. blue & white. features "Torch of Liberty."1 item. 8x5

104 "Member of United States Food Administration." home card. U.S. emblem. 1 item. 9x6

105 "Member of United States Food Administration." to be hung in front window. U.S. emblem. 1 item. 9x6

106 "Help your American Red Cross Campaign (Jun 18-25)." 1 item. 9x12

Flags of our Allies107 "Flags of our Allies." Supplement to The North American. 1917 Jun 17. 1 item. 9x12

108 "Last evidence that anyone cares." YMCA. 1 item. 8x14

109 YMCA. "War-Zone home for our boys 'over there.'" National Campaign Nov 11-19 (1917?). 1 item. [miniature of Butler poster ] 8x14

111 French Officer (J. Joffrey) from Public Ledger 1917 May 6. features U.S. & French flags. colored. 1 item. 9x12

112 "Victory Girls." United War Work Campaign. features an eagle. 2 items. 12x8

113 Red Cross, white background, blue border. (1 large red cross & 5 small one pasted on). 1 item. 7x11

114 Liberty Bell. "Third Liberty Loan." blue. 2 items. ht=12

22 "Pour le Retour Souscrivez 4e. emprunt National Credit Foncier D'Algerie et de Tunisie, 43 Rue Cambon, Paris." (French) Signed R.P. 1 item. 41x28

The Call to Duty128 "The Call to Duty: Join the Army for Home and Country" [Image] Adapted from the sculpture by Edoardo Cammilli. Published by the Recruiting Committee of the Mayor's Committee on National Defence. 1 item. 30x40

132 "Are you working with Schwab? Charles M. Schwab Director General of the Emergency Fleet Corporation says..." Issued by Publications Section, Emergency Fleet Corporation, Philadelphia. Photo by C. Haimovitz Public Ledger Philadelphia. 1 item. 22x32. 

135 “We Belong- 100% Strong” American Red Cross (Lacks usual Red Cross emblem printed in center of poster) 1 item. 18x24.

World War I Poster Collection - Artist identified

Signed or artist known posters


Please note: As we are a college research library, items in our collection are NOT for sale.

For every fighter a woman worker, Back our second line of defenseBaker, Ernest H. (1889-1975) 
"For every fighter a woman worker, Back our second line of defense." YWCA. Woman Worker. United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 28x42 83

Blashfield, Edwin Howland (1848-1936)
"Red Cross Christmas Roll Call." features a Red Cross nurse and Miss Liberty with flag and sword. 1918. 2 items. 19x28 20

Bracker,M. Leone(1885-1937)
"Keep 'em smiling! Help War Camp Community Services." features a soldier, sailor, and coast guard member. 1918. United War Work Campaign. 1 item. 28x42 2 items. 81

Keep 'em smiling! Help War Camp Community ServicesBriggs, Clare (1875-1930) "Aint it a grand and glorious feelin ?" YWCA. features cartoon w/soldier. 1 item. 14x22 58

Britton, L.N.
"Eat more corn, oats, & rye... Eat less wheat, meat, & fats..."United States Food. Administration. 2 items. 21x29 27
"Ten million new members by Christmas/Join the Red Cross and on Christmas Eve a candle in every window, a service flag for every home." features service flag in window with lit candle. 2 items. 20x30 28

Brey, Laura.
"Enlist. On which side of the window are you?" 25x39. 120

Brown, Arthur Wm (1881-1966).
"For your boy." United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 20x30 57

"Wilson, Taft, Roosevelt and other national leaders indorse YMCA work." 1 item. 24x38 44
"War-Zone home for our boys 'over there.'" YMCA. 1 item. 24x38 45

Fight or Buy BondsChristy, Howard Chandler(1873-1952)
"Fight or Buy Bonds." Third Liberty Loan. 1917 features woman holding U.S. flag - troops in background. 2 items. 20x30 46
"Americans ALL!" features Miss Liberty w/honor roll. 1917. Victory Liberty Loan. 1 item. 27x40 30
"Fight or Buy Bonds. Third Liberty Loan." features Miss Liberty with flag in foreground, charging soldiers in background. 2 items. 30x40 69

Coffin, Haskell(1878-1941)
"Joan of Arc Saved France." War Savings Stamps. features young woman in armor holding sword. 1 item. 30x40 66

Coughlin, John A. 
"First in France U.S. Marines."Recruitment. features man with machine gun charging over a trench. 1 item. 21x28. 122

The Sword is Drawn, The Navy Upholds It!Cox, Kenyon (1856-1919)
"The Sword is Drawn, The Navy Upholds It!" U.S. Navy Recruiting Station Recruitment 1917. Features Columbia (Miss Liberty) standing on shore with uplifted sword and scroll reading "We can do no otherwise". 30x40. 127

Crisp,( Herbert G. ?) 
"Motherless fatherless starving. War fund week. One hundred million dollars." Red Cross. 20x28 59 

Follow the Flag: Enlist in the Navy

Daugherty, James (1887-1974)
"Follow the Flag: Enlist in the Navy" Recruitment 1917. Features sailor hoisting flag on beach with Naval ship in background. 1 item. 27x41. 125

De Land, Eugene
"Before Sunset." 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917. features Statue of Liberty. 1 item. 20x30. 43

"Join/All you need is a heart and a dollar."
Red Cross nurse. red background. 2 items. 6x10 116

Drepperd, Carl W. (1892-?)
"Wake Up Lancaster! ... Buy Liberty Bonds." Red and blue. 1 item. 20x26. 23 
"Wake Up Lancaster! ... Buy Liberty Bonds." White and blue. 1 item. 20x26 24 
"Shall We Allow This Record to Fail? 1729-1918 The Garden Spot Lancaster County 100% American: Put the Gold From Your Crops in Liberty Bonds" Red and blue. 2 items.19.5x26. 138

Droit, Jean (1884-1961)
Debout dans la tranchee que l'aurore eclaire, le soldat reve a la victoire et a son foyer. Pour qu'il puisse assurer l'une et retrouver l' autre, souscrivez au 3e. Emprunt de la defense Nationale. (Standing in the trenches as dawn breaks the soldier dreams of victory and his home. So that he can be assured the first and recover the latter, subscribe to the 3rd loan of National defense) 1917, Berger-Levrault, Paris. 30x42" 1 item. 119.

Dunn, Harvey T(homas) (1884-1952)
"Victory is question of stamina." 1917. United States Food Administration. 1 item. 21x29 59

Falls, Charles Buckles(1874-1959)
Books wanted for our men in camp and 'over there.'"Books wanted for our men in camp and 'over there.'" features soldier with gun holding large stack of books. 1 item. 28x42 82
"10,000,000 members by Christmas/on Christmas Eve a candle in every window and red cross member in every home." features burning candle in star lit window with red cross in center. 2 items. 20x30 29 
"Yanks in Germany want more books. Take good live fiction to the Public Library for immediate shipment. American Library Association." features soldier sitting and reading. 1 item. 28x32 123

Fisher, Harrison(1875-1934) 
"Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas roll call?" Red Cross nurse w/arm outstretched, foreground; U.S. soldiers, background. 2 items. 28x30 63

Tell that to the Marines!Flagg, James Montgomery (1877-1960) 124 "Tell that to the Marines!" Recruitment. Features outraged man standing over dropped newspaper with headline "Huns kill women and children!" 1 item. 30x40124


Foringer, Alonzo Earl (1878-1948)
"The Greatest mother in the world" features Red Cross nurse holding child on stretcher. 2 items. 25x30 55

"May 20th-27th Help the Greatest mother in the world." features Red Cross nurse holding child on stretcher. 1 item. 25x30 137

"Help the Greatest mother in the world" features Red Cross nurse holding child on stretcher. 1 item. 41x82. (Oversize tube storage) 119

Your boy. Make the world safer for him. Interchurch World MovementFuhr, Ernest (1874-1933)
"Your boy. Make the world safer for him. Interchurch World Movement". features young man. 2 items. 21x28 33

Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944) U.S. Navy. "Here he is Sir. We need him and you too!" Navy Recruiting Station. 28x41.121

Green, H(iram) H(arold) (1865-1930)
"My soldier." features mother and kneeling child saying bedtime prayer "Now I lay me down to sleep..." Third Liberty Loan. 1 item. 28X42 84

"Get behind the girl he left behind him. Join the land army" c. 1918 New York State Land Army Membership Committee; The American Lithographic Co., NY. features features woman working in agriculture. 1 item. 20X30 133

Hansi ( Waltz, Jean Jacques 1873-1951)
"Souscrivez au IVeme Emprunt et le drapeau tri-colore a' Stasbourg annoncera au monde le regne de la paix, de la Liberte de la Justice." Lapina imp. Paris. Features French soldiers looking at cathedral in distance. 1 item. 23x29 . 117

Souscrivez au IVeme Emprunt et le drapeau tri-coloreHarris, Lawren Stewart(1885-1970)
"Third Liberty Loan." features soldier saying goodbye to his father. 1 item. 20x30 17

Herter, Albert (1871-1950)
"His home over there." YMCA. features young soldiers at YMCA. 2 items. 28x41 68

"Our Nation's Guest." French officer (Joseph Joffrey). The North American. 1917 May 6. 1 item. 11x14. 110

"They signal 'send books'..." features hand signalers in navy and army. New York: H.C. Miner Litho. Co. 1 item. 25x38 62

Illian, George John (1894-1932)
Cardinal Mercier featured. Food Administration asking to eat less wheat, meat, fats and sugar. 1 item. 20x28 21 
"Keep it coming." quote by Pershing. United States Food Administration. 1 item. 21x29 35

Jonas, Lucien(1880-1947)
"Four years in the fight/the women of France/we owe them houses of cheer."features women working in factory. United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 28x42 78

"'The First Three!' Give until it hurts - they gave till they died." 31 to 1 War Chest, Philadelphia and vicinity. features first three soldiers to die: Hay, Enright, Gresham. 1 item. 20x28 37 
"'The First Three!' Give until it hurts - they gave till they died." Red Cross War Fund Week. One hundred million dollars. features first three soldiers to die: Hay, Enright, Gresham. 1 item. 20x28 36

Hold up your end!King, William B. (1880-1927)
"Hold up your end!" War Fund Week. features Red Cross nurse holding one end of stretcher. 1 item. 20x27 23

Leroux, Auguste (1871-1954)
"3e Emprunt de la defense Nationale. souscrivez pour la France qui combat pour celle qui chaque jour grandit."Imprimerie Joseph Charles, Paris, 1917. 1 item. 30.5x 44.5" 118

Leyendecker, Joseph Christian(1874-1951)
United States Bonds. "Weapons for Liberty." Boy Scouts of America. features a Boy Scout w/sword & Miss Liberty w/shield. 1918.1 item. 20x30 25

"Somewhere in France doing his share: Join the National Guard" Recruitment 1917. Features Collier & Son image of doughboy with rifle at ready. 1 item 19x26. 126

Mason, (Robert Lindsay) (1874-)
War Savings Stamps. Uncle Sam's hat full of coins crushing German soldier. 1 item. 14x11 115

McMein, Neysa(1890-1949)
"One of the thousand YMCA girls in France." United War Work Campaign. features young girl in uniform holding book in one hand and hot coffee in other. YMCA symbol in background. 2 items. 42x28. 77

"I summon you to the comradeship." Woodrow Wilson featured. Red Cross. 2 items. 20x28 47

Keep this hand of mercy at workMorgan, P.G.
"Keep this hand of mercy at work." features arm with red cross badge coming from heaven to protect refugees. War Fund Week. 1 item. 20x27 18

Morgan, Wallace (1873-1948)
"Appeal by Belgian Workmen." New York Tribune. 1918 May 3. (Prepared by the Vigilantes.) 1 item. 17x22 87
"Feed a fighter." United States Food Administration. 1 item. 21x29 51

Norton, John(Warner) (1876-1934)
"Keep these of the U.S.A. Buy more Liberty Bonds." features bloody German boots. 1 item. 30x40 67

Orr, Alfred Everitt(1886-?)
"For Home & Country." features soldier, wife & child. Victory Liberty Loan. 1 item. 30x40 73

Osnis, B(enedict). A.(1872-1941)
"Help fill the war chest." features refugee woman and children; Red Cross nurse with dead U.S. soldier; war chest; raging battle; and Red Cross worker helping man on stretcher. 1 item. 42x28 74

Page, Marie Danforth (1869-1940)
"Building for Health" Bureau of Social Education, YWCA.Woman in yellow dress holding baby with blue letter V in background. 30x46 (Oversize drawer S-15) 95

Parker, Cushman (1881-1940)
"Little Americans Do Your Bit. Eat Corn." United States Food Administration. features little boy saluting.1 item. 14x22 86

Save your child from autocracy and povertyPaus, Herbert(1880-1946)
"Save your child from autocracy and poverty." features child & statue of liberty torch. War Savings Stamps. 1 item. 30x40 85

Penfield, Edward (1866-1925)
"The girl on the land serves the nations needs." YWCA Land Service Committee. 1 item. 30x25 34
"Every girl pulling for victory." Victory Girls. features girl in row boat called "Victory." United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 22x28 19
"He�s Ready to Fight. Are You? Join the National Guard" Publicity Committee Citizen�s Preparedness Association. 1 item. 19x26 129 
Join the United-States School Garden Army. Enlist Now"Join the United-States School Garden Army. Enlist Now "With subtext: "Write to the United States School Garden Army, Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C.” American Lithographic Co. 1 item. 20x30 134

Pennell, Joseph(1857-1927)
"Provide the sinews of war. Buy Liberty Bonds." Drawing of Battleship.1 item. 20x21 94
Statue of Liberty & New York City under siege
. Four Liberty Loan. 1 item. 22x33 39

Halt the HunRaleigh, Henry Patrick(1880-1944)
"Halt the Hun!" Third Liberty Loan. features U.S. soldier stopping German soldier from killing a mother and child. Chicago: Edwards & Deutsch Lithograph Co. 1 item. 20x30 65 
"Hunger." drawing by Raleigh. United States Food Administration. 1 item.21x29 61
"Blood or bread." United States Food Administration. 1 item.21x29 56
"Hun or Home? Buy more Liberty Bonds." features mother holding child and running from German soldier with bloody hands. Chicago: Edwards & Deutsch lithograph Co.1 item. 20x30 54 
"Must children die and mothers plead in vain? Buy more Liberty Bonds."features mother with 2 small children. 1 item. 30x40 72

Rice, Burton
"See him through." United War Work Campaign. 2 items. 20x30 40

Richards, George Mather (1880-?)
"Oh boy! that's the girl! the Salvation Army lassie/Keep her on the job."features girl holding plate of doughnuts and soldier eating one. 1 item. 30x40 26

Riesenberg, Sidney (1885-1962)
Government Bonds. "Over the top for you." soldier & U.S. flag. 1 item. 20x30 48
"Civilians " features Star of David. Jewish Welfare Board. 2 items. 22x33 26 
"Lend as they fight, Buy more Liberty Bonds." features two soldiers firing guns, one wounded. 1 item. 20x30 41 
"U.S. Marines Active Service on Land and Sea. Enlist At�" 1 item. 30x40 130

St.John, J. Allen(1872-?)
"The Hun - his mark/Blot it out." features bloody handprint. Liberty Bonds. 28x4275

Sem (Goursat, George, 1863-1934)
"Pour le dernier quart d'heure aidez moi" signed SEM, attributed to George Goursat, 1916. 24x44 1 item. 120

Rivets are Bayonets: Drive Them Home!Sheridan, John E. (1880-1948)
"Food is ammunition - don't waste it." United States Food Administration. 2 items. 21x29 53 
"Hey Fellows!" American Liberty Association. 2 items. 20x30 60
"Rivets are Bayonets: Drive Them Home!" United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation. Issued by Publications Section, Philadelphia. 1 item. 26x38 131

Have you a Red Cross service flagSmith, Jessie Wilcox (1863-1935)
"Have you a Red Cross service flag?" 1918. features child putting service flag in window. 2 items. 21x28 26 
"This simple faith has made America great." features child kneeling and praying with mother. Interchurch World Movement. 2 items. 26x3864

Spear, Gil "Lend your strength to the red triangle." YMCA. 2 items. 20x2750

"Are you 100% American?" Third Liberty Loan. 1 item. 20x3052

Strothmann, F(rederick) (1879-1958)
"Beat back the Hun with Liberty Bonds." features German soldier with bloody sword and fingers. 1 item. 20x30 32

"For every worker a woman worker. United War Work Campaign. YWCA."woman workers. features woman in overalls holding airplane & bomb. 2 items. 30x40 71

Underwood, Clarence F(rederick (1871-1929) "Back our girls over there."YWCA/United War Work Campaign. features woman operator, soldiers in background. 2 items. 21x28 80

Wank(?), S. J. 
Pershing & quote. 1918 Mar. YMCA. 2 items. 22x33 42

Whitehead, Walter(1874-1934)
"Buy more Liberty Bonds." features a U.S. soldier standing over dead German soldier. 1918. 1 item. 20x3049

Remember BelgiumYoung, Ellsworth(1866-?)
"Remember Belgium." features German soldier dragging a girl child by hand, flames in background. Ellsworth Young, artist. Fourth Liberty Loan. 1 item. 20x30 79


World War II Poster Collection

The Archives and Special Collections has a small collection of World War II posters including a series of streetcar posters (including some original art work) advertising war-related work at Lancaster-based Armstrong Cork Company. They are shown here in their entirety.

"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Title features sailors with signal flags

"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Title features sailors with signal flags.(6-73)" Get Your Wartime Paycheck at Armstrong's" Features paycheck facsimile with title.

" Get Your Wartime Paycheck at Armstrong's" Features paycheck facsimile with title."Help Build the Corsair, Get Your Wartime Paycheck at Armstrong's" Features a flying corsair airplane

"Help Build the Corsair, Get Your Wartime Paycheck at Armstrong's" Features a flying corsair airplane. (3 copies)"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Title features corsair aircraft in dogfight with enemy.

"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Title features corsair aircraft in dogfight with enemy.Get a War Job at Armstrong's Features US sailor and marine revealing "packaged" title "Get a War........".

"Get a War Job at Armstrong's" Features US sailor and marine revealing "packaged" title "Get a War........".

Dohanos, Stevan (1907-1994) "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives" Dohanos, Stevan (1907-1994) "Loose Talk Can Cost Lives" Features a sinking merchant ship at sea. Signed and dated 1942- Distributed in the interest of…British and American Ambulance Corps, Inc…New York. 14” x 20”
Wilkinson, Norman (1878-1971) "A Few Careless Words May End In This- " Features an image of a sinking ship and sailors in lifeboat. Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Greycaine Ltd, Watford and London. 10"x15" Wilkinson, Norman (1878-1971) "A Few Careless Words May End In This
Yesley "… Because Somebody Talked" Yesley "… Because Somebody Talked" Features a dog waiting for his missing owner. Signed and dated 1943- US Government Printing Office, 1944 - Distributed for the Issuing Agencies by the War Information Office. 20” x 28”