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CNX 121: Storytelling

A course guide for students in Professor Stachura's CNX121 Storytelling course.

The Research Process

For a more in-depth look at diving into the Research Process, visit this guide!

DISCOVER: The Library Catalog

Need to find an ebook, journal title, or streaming film for your virtual studies? Use the College Library catalog, which we call DISCOVER

In DISCOVER, you'll find information about getting access to all of the books, ebooks, films, journals, and more that the Library holds. 

Need help using DISCOVER? Ask Anna! 

Interlibrary Loan & Scanning Service

Interlibrary Loan 

  • Interlibrary Loan is a service that the College Library provides for all students, faculty, and staff. 
  • If we don't have a book or article that you need, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan. 
  • Loan periods vary by institution. 
  • Request one at https://library.fandm.edu/ill

Scanning Service

  • When you're away from campus and can't access our physical resources, we are happy to provide a scanning service for you. 
  • This service will scan book chapters or excerpts for you from items in our physical collection. 
  • Search for materials through the Library's DISCOVER catalog here: https://library.fandm.edu
  • To request a scan, please use the Interlibrary Loan request form at https://library.fandm.edu/ill

Scholarly Articles

As an F&M student studying remotely, you should have access to all of our scholarly article databases, from JSTOR to Academic Search Complete and more. 

If, during your research, you come across an article that we don't have at F&M, please remember that you can submit an Interlibrary Loan request for it, at https://library.fandm.edu/ill

Here are a few resources that you may find helpful in completing your work for Professor Stachura's class: 

On-Campus Resources

Resources include: 

Evaluating Domains

.edu - linked to an educational institution (though this domain can host personal web pages as well.)
.org - non-profit organizations or associations
.gov - a governmental department or agency, or government officials
.com - a commercial site, online service, or a for-profit organization
.mil - U.S. military organizations
.int- international organizations
.net - networking organizations

Look for citations, or some form of verification for the information presented on a web site.

The name and address of an author of a web site is reassuring, though this does not necessarily guarantee authority or legitimacy.

Scholarly vs. Popular

Scholarly materials are written by and for faculty, researchers or scholars using scholarly or technical language, include full citations for sources. Scholarly items are often refereed or peer reviewed. Book reviews and editorials are not considered scholarly articles, even when found in scholarly journals.

Popular materials are often written by journalists or professional writers for a general audience using language easily understood by general readers. Popular items rarely give full citations for sources, are written for the general public, and tend to be shorter than scholarly materials.

Evaluating Information