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How to use this Guide

 The College Library provides access to thousands of books and films, both in print and electronic format, in addition to thousands of journals and articles in print, on microfilm and primarily in electronic format.

This guide highlights our steaming film platforms, ebook collections and DVD/Blu-ray collection. Use the tabs at the top or the links below to find out more about these resources. For questions or additional information, please contact Meghan Kelly.

Please also consult the college policy for screening media at F&M, which can be found here.

To reduce access issues, make sure you are on the F&M network and/or authenticated with your net id and password and always access our resources from the library website and/or catalog and not directly from the publisher platform. Chrome is the recommended browser for our e-resources.

While using this guide, make sure to use the "zoom" feature on your browser to get a better view of the screenshots provided.

Finding Films & Ebooks

If you are looking for a specific film, please search the title of the film in Discover, the library catalog, first using the "video" tab on the College Library Website homepage or simply by using the search box below. You will not only get to the call number for a disc and the best link for accessing a streaming film, you will find additional information. For example, a film may not be licensed in one database but may be available in another (see second image below). Also, if a film is licensed in Kanopy or Swank, you will see the expiration date of the license (see third image below). 

For finding ebooks, please see the column on the far right. 





Streaming Film & Video Platforms






Ebook Platforms



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Identifying ebooks

To find ebooks in the catalog, simply do a search on the "books" tab and then limit your search results on the left to "Library - Franklin & Marshal College" and "Format -ebook format."