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There are three primary ways to use language tools when searching:

  • Changing display languages for computers & Websites 
  • Filtering search results by language
  • Translating

If you need help adjusting your computer settings, don't forget to ask for help! Connect with ITS here.

Change Display Languages on Computers & Websites

​Make sure to check your computer settings to see what default or preferred languages have been selected. The screenshot above shows an example for a Mac laptop. If your only preferred language is something other than English, you may not get very many English language results in a standard search engine query unless you adjust your search settings.

Change Display Languages for Search Results in Discover

To search Discover (the library's catalog and more --first column) in a language other than English, go to "advanced" in blue in the lower right corner of the box. When you get to the advanced search screen scroll down to the very bottom of the page for language options. This will change the language of the search facets on the search results page. It will not change the language of the search results, themselves. 

Search DISCOVER for books, ebooks, movies, articles, & more. 



Filter Your Search Results By Language

To find resources in the language of your choice, limit your search results in Discover using the facets on the left. The second column below shows a small sampling of the 100+ languages accessible in print and electronic format. 


How to Use Language Tools in EBSCO (From Kent State University)

How to use Language tools in Ebscohost

Changing your Interface Language:




  Translating the full text of an article:

Google it your way

Follow the suggestions in the video below to use Google most effectively when searching in multiple languages. 

While this video gives a good overview of the process, please note that it was produced in 2014. Some of the navigation & settings have changed since then. Use Search Settings to find language options in Google.