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ART103-B | Learning to See: Histories of Art & Architecture in the Western Tradition

A research guide for Professor Rauser's section of ART103, to help with classwork and research, especially for your DIY Art History Timeline and Mapping an Artwork assignments.

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Map Tool

Google My Maps

  • Easily add locations with text and images to a map. Further customize your map with options to style location markers and add map layers.

Look Up Place Names

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

  • Resource for looking up place names and related information, such as coordinates. Includes historical places.  

Finding Images for Your Work

Finding Openly Licensed Images

Because you will be displaying your projects on the Internet and they cannot be restricted to just the F&M community, you must ensure that you have the appropriate permissions to use all of the images you feature on your maps. There are a couple of different types of images that you can look for, which we will be covering in your class visit and which are detailed further below. 

  • Public Domain
    • Public Domain can be a bit tricky to figure out, but the key piece to remember is that anything published/created in the US before 1923 is within the public domain, meaning that there are no valid copyright claims on the material. 
    • Once you get past 1923 and outside of the US, things can get murkier. Remember, you can always reach out to your librarian to help determine whether the image you're after is within the public domain. 
  • Creative Commons License
    • Creative Commons, or CC, licenses are a form of copyright licenses given to materials that help to regulate their use and are generally speaking more open than a traditional copyright. 
    • There are several types of CC licenses, each with unique terms and considerations. For your purposes, you want to look for a CC0, BY, or BY-SA license, which all allow you to use the image however you'd like, including editing or reimagining it for your purposes. 


Rights Statements Examples

Take a look at the rights statements listed below, grabbed from various websites and image repositories. Read through them briefly, and then cast your vote in class as to which ones would be safe for you to use for your Mapping an Artwork assignment.