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Celebrating Scholarship 2016

Celebrating Scholarship 2016

Welcome to Celebrating Scholarship 2016
This site features works produced by Franklin & Marshall College faculty and professional staff during the 2015 calendar year.
An exhibit of the works is on view in the lobby of the Shadek-Fackenthal Library until March 31, 2016.

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This site features author-submitted citations to works produced in calendar year 2015. It is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the Franklin & Marshall College author. Author names appear in bolded text.

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Shawn O'Bryhim. “Tragedy and Comedy in the Roman Participatory Context,” in The Blackwell Companion to Greek and Roman Politics, ed. D. Hammer (Oxford 2015) 446-58.

Shawn O'Bryhim. "The Economics of Agalmatophilia," Classical Journal 110 (2015) 419-29.

Shawn O'Bryhim. [Translation]. "Catullus 10 as Film Noir," Tellus 6 (2015) 9-10. 

Sanders, R.W., S.L. Cooke, J.M. Fischer, S.B. Fey, A.W. Heinze, W.H. Jeffrey, A.L. Macaluso, R.E. Moeller, D.P. Morris, P.J. Neale, M.H. Olson, J.D. Pakulski, J.A. Porter, D.M. Schoener, and C.E. Williamson. 2015. "Shifts in microbial food web structure and productivity after additions of naturally occurring dissolved organic matter: results from large-scale lacustrine mesocosms." Limnology and Oceanography 60: 2130-2144.

Leach, T.H., C.E. Williamson, N. Theodore, J.M. Fischer, and M.H. Olson. 2015. "The role of ultraviolet radiation in the diel vertical migration of zooplankton: an experimental test of the transparency-regulator hypothesis." Journal of Plankton Research 37: 886-896.

Fischer, J.M., M.H. Olson, N. Theodore, C.E. Williamson, K. C. Rose, and J. Hwang. 2015. "Diel vertical migration of copepods in mountain lakes: the changing role of ultraviolet radiation across a transparency gradient." Limnology and Oceanography 60: 252-262.

Penn, M.L. (2015). "Human Nature and Mental Health: A Baha'i-Inspired Perspective." The Journal of Baha'i Studies, Vol. 25, No. 1/2, 25-50.

Afdahl, S., Penn, M.L., Younassi, Z., & Currey, M. (2015). "Hope, Hopelessness and Hepatitis C: An Exploration of Psychological Factors that Influence Treatment Related Outcomes." Proceedings of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, November 13-17, San Francisco, CA.

Elise M. Tookmanian, Christine M. Phillips-Piro, Edward E. Fenlon, Scott H. Brewer, "Azidoethoxyphenylalanine as a Vibrational Reporter and Click Chemistry Partner in Proteins." Chem. Eur. J. 2015, 21, 19096-19103.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S., Vivek Venkatesh, Jason Wallin, Susan Andrzejewski and Zheng Jin (2015), “Dystopian Dark Tourism: An Exploratory Examination,” Tourism Management, 51 (December), 316-328. View abstract online.

Podoshen, Jeffrey S., Susan Andrzejewski, Vivek Venkatesh and Jason Wallin (2015), “New Approaches to Dark Tourism Inquiry: A Response to Isaac,” Tourism Management, 51 (December), 331-334. View abstract online.

Venkatesh, Vivek, Jeffrey S. Podoshen, Kathryn Urbaniak and Jason Wallin (2015), "Eschewing Community: Black Metal," Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology, 25 (1), 66-81. View abstract online. 

Podoshen, Jeffrey S., Hunt, James M. and Susan Andrzejewski (2015), “Attribution Processes in Cross-Cultural Heritage Tourism,” Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 27 (2), 123-136.  View abstract online.

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Celebrating Scholarship 2016 exhibit produced by:
Jenn Buch, Research Services Assistant  |  Carol Kornhauser, Receipts Specialist & Budgets Coordinator
Mike Horn, Administrative Services & Visual Resources Assistant  |  Meg Massey, Interlibrary Loan Assistant  
Meghan Kelly, Research & Emerging Technologies Librarian  |  Lisa Stillwell, Research & Instruction Librarian
(lisa.stillwell@fandm.edu is the contact for Celebrating Scholarship)