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Celebrating Scholarship 2016

Celebrating Scholarship 2016

Welcome to Celebrating Scholarship 2016
This site features works produced by Franklin & Marshall College faculty and professional staff during the 2015 calendar year.
An exhibit of the works is on view in the lobby of the Shadek-Fackenthal Library until March 31, 2016.

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This site features author-submitted citations to works produced in calendar year 2015. It is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the Franklin & Marshall College author. Author names appear in bolded text.

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Virginia Maksymowicz. "Pope Up," group exhibition, Philadelphia Sculptors, Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia, PA, September 5-26, 2015.  View online.

Virginia Maksymowicz"Old Enough to Know Better," group exhibition, Women's Caucus for Art, Crane Arts Gallery 105, Philadelphia, PA, November 4-28, 2015.  View online.

Virginia Maksymowicz"Mirror, Mirror," group exhibition, Philadelphia Sculptors, York College Galleries, Marketview Arts, York, PA, November 6 - December 12, 2015. View online.

McDermott, J. J. & J. N. Kraeuter 2015. "Occurrence of first crab instars of the Atlantic ghost crab Ocypode quadrata (Decapoda; Brachyura: Ocypodidae) along the coast of Maine, U.S.A." Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 128:98-102.

McMahan, David L. "Buddhism and Multiple Modernities." In Scott A. Mitchell and Natalie E. F. Quli, ed., Buddhism Beyond Borders: New Perspectives on Buddhism in the United States. Albany: State University of New York Press, 2015.

Lane, M. D., Bishop, J. L., Dyar, M. D., Hiroi, T., Mertzman, S. A., Bish, D. L., King, P. L., Rogers, A. D. (2015). Mid-infrared emission spectroscopy and visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy of Fe-sulfate minerals. American Mineralogist, 100(1), 66-82.

Cloutis, E. A., Mann, P., Izawa, M. R. M., Applin, D. M., Samson, C., Kruzelecky, R., Glotch, T. D., Mertzman, S. A., Mertzman, K. R., Haltigin, T. W., Fry, C. (2015). The Canadian space agency planetary analogue materials suite. Planetary and Space Science, 119, 155-172.

Dyar, M. D., Jawin, E. R., Breves, E., Marchand, G., Nelms, M., Lane, M. D., Mertzman, S. A., Bish, D. L., and Bishop, J. L. (2015). Mössbauer parameters of iron in sulfate minerals: Implications for interpretation of Martian data. American Mineralogist, 99(11-12), 914-942.

Gretchen E. Meyers, "Suis Manibus Fecerat: Queen Dido as a Producer of Ceremonial Textiles," in Patronage, Gender and the Arts in Early Modern Italy. Essays in Honor of Carolyn Valone, K. A. McIver and C. Stollhans, eds. (New York: Italica Press, 2015), 303-313.

Modern, John Lardas. 2015. "eBay and the historical imagination." The Immanent Frame.  Social Sciences Research Council. View online.

Modern, John Lardas. "Two Sense of Akron Ending.” The Turnip Truck(s) I, Phenomenology and Music (fall/winter 2015): 56-63. View online.

Modern, John Lardas“Did Somebody Say ‘Evangelical Surge’?” Church History 84:3 (September 2105): 630-36.

Modern, John Lardas. “Duty Now For the Future.” Edited forum on Monstrosity in J19: Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists 3:1 (Spring 2015): 165-73. Essayists include Dana Luciano, Sylvester Johnson, Richard Callahan, Jordan/a Rosenberg, and Jason A. Josephson.

Modern, John Lardas. “An Impossible Film.” Syndicate (January/February 2015): 155-60.  View online.

Modern, John Lardas, Kathryn Lofton, eds. Class 200: New Studies in Religion (University of Chicago Press). New book series, 2015-  View description online.

Modern, John Lardas. Public Lecture. “Akron Apocalypse: Religion, Rubber, and Devo.” UCHRI Humanities Studio. University of California, Santa Cruz (May 2015).

Modern, John Lardas. Presentation. “Paranoia is All in Your Head.” Critical Perspectives on the Cognitive Science of Religion. American Academy of Religion. Atlanta, GA (November 2015).

Modern, John Lardas. Keynote Lecture. “Scannings.” Sacred Literature/Secular Religion. Sponsored by the Le Moyne College Religion and Literature Forum. Syracuse, NY (October 2015).

Modern, John Lardas. Lecture. “Toward a Religious History of Cognitive Science.” Cultural Studies Colloquium. University of California, Santa Cruz (May 2015).

Modern, John Lardas. Invited Public Lecture. “Adventures in the Religion Machine: Scientology, Structuralism and William S. Burroughs.” Department of Religious Studies. University of Missouri (February 2015).

Modern, John Lardas. Participant in “Futures of the American Religious Past: A Conversation about Mark Noll's America's God and John Lardas Modern's Secularism in Antebellum America.” American Historical Association (American Society of Church History). New York, NY (Jan. 2015).

Modern, John Lardas. Presentation. “A Prayer Machine by Any Other Name.” Why Prayer?: A Conference on New Directions in the Study of Prayer. Columbia University. New York, NY. (February 2015)

Montemarano, Nicholas. "Like Love." The Gettysburg Review 80 Autumn 2015: 387-395.

Montemarano, Nicholas. "No Results Found." Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction. Ed. Judith Kitchen and Dinah Lenney. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 2015. 85-91. Print.

Montemarano, Nicholas. "Rome." The Massachusetts Review Vol. LVI, No. 1 Spring 2015: 101-110.

Brenner R.K., Hess K.R. and Morford J.L. (2015) "Understanding Electrophoresis through the Investigation of Size, Shape and Charge of pH Indicators." J. Chem Ed, 92(10), 1705–1708 DOI:10.1021/ed500223d

‚ÄčChaudhury, S. R., Mandeltort, L., Mulnix, A. B., Vandegrift, E. V., & Yates, J. R. (2015). Using Scientific Visualization to Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Core Concepts. In Essentials of Teaching and Integrating Visual and Media Literacy (pp. 185-202). Springer International Publishing.

Nimershiem, Barbara. "Borromean Rings Quilt I (open)" and "Borromean Rings Quilt II (closed)" accepted for BRIDGES BALTIMORE 2015 Mathematics, Music, Art, Architecture, Culture Art Exhibition, July 2015. View online.

Nimershiem, Barbara. "Borromean Rings Quilt II (closed)" accepted for Centennial MathFest Exhibition, August 2015. View online.

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