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HIS/IST/GOV/RUS 319: Making Sense of Putin's Russia

Search Tips

  • Remember that you need to use keywords to search library resources, not natural language. 
  • Think about various different terms that are or could be used to describe your topic, including synonyms.
  • Use "quotes" around multiple terms that you'd like to search for as a phrase.
Boolean Operators
  • AND, OR, NOT are used between your keywords to broaden or narrow your search. 
    • AND will search for both terms. 
    • OR will search for either one term or the other, but not both. 
    • NOT will search for one term but not the other.
Subject Headings/Terms
  • Subject Headings/Terms are controlled phrases assigned to library materials to organize them. 
  • Use Subject Headings/Terms to find similar items when searching the library catalog and databases.
  • You can usually find the subject headings assigned to an item in the library catalog or database on the information page for that item.
  • Many databases provide ways for you to limit your search results.
  • If your initial search is too large, consider limiting by date, type of publication, subject, etc. 

Starting Points and Best Bets

The following databases are the most comprehensive in their coverage and collectively contain scholarly articles, news articles, and long-form journalistic articles on a wide range of subjects. Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to additional resources to find more specific types of articles.

Borrow from Another Library

Looking for a book or article that we don't have access to? You can borrow it from another library!

E-Z Borrow: Use to borrow BOOKS from another library in the region.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): Use to borrow books, book chapters, articles, and other materials from libraries worldwide.


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