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Comparative Literary Studies Research Guide


Founded in 1960, the ACLA is the “principal learned society in the United States for scholars whose work involved several literatures and cultures as well as the premises of cross-cultural literary study itself.”

Founded in 1975, the organization promotes scholarship on all literatures and in relationship with other disciplines.  The site has news of conferences and other events, calls for papers, links, and PDFs of the journal New Comparison, published 1986-2003.

News, calls for papers, conferences.

News, recent issues of the ICLA Bulletin and of Recherche Littéraire/Literary Research.

List of members, news, Eurolit Forum for the exchange of ideas, activities and e-texts, some of which have abstracts and some full-text

Links to publications, conferences, journals and other programs.

Members, conference, a bibliography of the work of French comparatists available in languages other than French, links.

Information about the SCLA, its journal The Comparatist  and a few links.

Selected Journals

This list of suggested journals is not a complete list. The Directory of Open Access Journals is an additional resource.

An online full-text journal of literary theory and comparative literature, published by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona starting in 2009. The journal aims to bring together established academics and postgraduate students to promote the interdisciplinary study of literary theory.

Refereed annual with articles in several languages. Available via JSTOR, which does not include the most recent three issues.

Available through Project Muse with emphasis on teaching strategies.

"An e-journal whose primary focus is the publication of work in the study of literature and culture where literature is understood as an artistic expression in an international/global and/or cross-disciplinary context."    Peer reviewed open access journal published by Purdue University Press. 

The annual sponsored by the Southern Comparative Literature Association.  

Published for the British Comparative Literature Association by Edinburgh University Press

Published in Japanese with summaries in English, German or French.

Published by Oxford University Press for the Court of the University of St. Andrews.  Covers all aspects of literary and linguistics studies from the Middle Ages to the present.  

  • Komparatistik Jahrbuch der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft. 

Publication of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft (DGAVL). 

Published by the International Comparative Literature Association.  .  

Published by the Duke University Press for the University of Washington

  • Mosaic, a Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 

University of Manitoba

Freely available online, OV is published at the University of Pennsylvania and "publishes provocative essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, lecture transcriptions, audio lectures, multimedia projects, translations and reviews in the arts and humanities."

Publishes “theoretically informed research in literary studies with a comparative, intercultural, or interdisciplinary emphasis.”