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F&M College Library

F&M Student Newspapers

Finding Newspaper Content

  • Use browse for navigating to a specific issue when title and date are known.
  • Use search to find articles by keyword. Search across all newspapers or limit to a specific newspaper.
  • When choosing search terms, think about the historical context and terminology used in the time period. For example, searching for articles about “international students” in the 1930s may not be effective since “foreign students” was the term used at the time.

Other Considerations

  • With some exceptions, the student newspapers were not published in June and July and infrequently in May and August.
  • There are some gaps in coverage when issues were missing during the microfilming or digitization process. Also, the student newspaper was not published during certain periods (see Titles and Coverage for more information).
  • In some cases, names have been misspelled in the newspapers and searching with the proper spelling will not yield results.
  • Searching the full text of newspapers is limited by the quality of optical character recognition (OCR). The automated OCR process is inhibited by damage and fading in the original item.