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Leinbach Family Papers: Home


This guide provides additional resources to assist in research with the Leinbach Family Papers.

The Leinbach Family Papers consist of correspondence, legal documents, photographs and fraktur compiled by this Central Pennsylvania family. For more information, see the collection finding aid.

Abbreviated Family Genealogy

The following is a generational outline of the Leinbach family, including Harriet Leinbach's ancestors; the list includes only those members of the family for which the collection contains material.  
  1. Michael Miller (d. 1818). 
  2. Children of Michael Miller.  
    1. John (Johannes) Miller.  
    2. Elizabeth Miller.  [married Henry Shultze.]  
  3. Children of John Miller.  
    1. Sara Miller (b. 1797 - d. 1870).  [married William Forrey.]  
  4. Children of William and Sara Forrey.  
    1. Harriet M. Forrey.  (b. 1821 - d. 1897).  [married Charles H. Leinbach (b. 1815 - d. 1883).]  
  5. Children of Charles and Harriet Leinbach. 
    1. James Calvin Leinbach.  (d. 1901).  [married Martha Poor.]  
    2. William Theodore Nevin Leinbach. 
    3. Sarah Alice Leinbach. (d. 1886)  [married William J. Jones (d. 1881).]  
    4. Bertha Katherine Leinbach.  [never married; no issue.]
    5. Harriet Ida Leinbach.   (d. 1890).  [never married; no issue.] 
    6. Charles A. Leinbach.  (d. 1930).  [never married; no issue.]
  6. Children of James Calvin and Martha Leinbach.  
    1. Mary Bertha Leinbach.  [married Laurence Aubrey Dunn.]  
    2. Francis B. Leinbach.  
    3. Martha Leinbach.  [married Morris [  ].] 
    4. Paul Calvin Leinbach.  
  7. Children of William and Sarah Jones.  
    1. Harriet Jones Hackman.  [married Harry B. Hackman.]  


  1. Leinbach, Maria Rebecca Seibert.  (d. 1917).  [wife of Thomas Calvin Leinbach.] 
    1. Leinbach, Paul S.  (b. 1874).  [married Bella Martin (1898).]  
  2. Miscellaneous Leinbach Family Papers.