F&M College Library

Interlibrary Loan at F&M

This guide demonstrates how faculty, staff and current students can use the interlibrary loan service!

Interlibrary Loan Status Messages

In Your ILLiad account, you will notice different status messages for your requests.  Here is a guide to those status messages:

ILLiad Status What It Means
Awaiting Conditional Processing This status will be displayed when a potential lender has a question about your request.  We will respond to those questions as soon as possible to expedite the receipt of your item.
Awaiting Copyright Clearance When you have submitted an article or book chapter request, we must review the item to determine if copyright fees must be paid to obtain a copy.  Not to worry though, all of those copyright costs are covered by Franklin & Marshall College Library!
Awaiting Customer Contact Your item is ready, and an email will be sent to you to notify you momentarily.
Awaiting Post Receipt Processing Your item has arrived, and we are preparing it for pick-up!
Awaiting Request Processing This status will be displayed when our ILL staff have not yet processed/viewed your request.
Awaiting Unfilled Processing This status appears when your item was sent to lenders, but none of them could fill the request.  We will continue to try to obtain the item for you until we have exhausted all resources.
Canceled by Customer You have canceled this request, indicating to our staff members that you no longer need the item.
Canceled by ILL Staff Our ILL staff members have canceled this request.  The cancelation reason will be available in the request information, and you can email us if you have any questions about the cancelation.
Checked Out to Customer This means that the item is currently checked out to you through our interlibrary loan system.
Delivered to Web Your ILL article has arrived and is available in your account.  Click "Articles Available for Download" to access the item.  The item will be available in your account for only 30 days, so be sure to download or print a copy as soon as possible.
Request Finished This request has been completed.  These items are available in the "All Filled Requests" area of your account for your reference.
Request Sent Our ILL staff members have processed your request and it's been sent to possible lending libraries.

If you have a question about an ILL request, please contact us at iloan@fandm.edu or by phone at 717-358-4224.