F&M College Library

Interlibrary Loan at F&M

This guide demonstrates how faculty, staff and current students can use the interlibrary loan service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a textbook for my class through ILL?

We will attempt to borrow a textbook if it is more than two years old and is widely available.  New textbooks are often not available through ILL.  Keep in mind that every library has their own policy about how long they will lend and item, and you must comply with the due date given.  

What are my other options if I cannot get a textbook through ILL?

Try to borrow a copy through EZBorrow, or rent from the College Bookstore, Chegg, Slugbooks, or Amazon

What should I do if I am having trouble logging into my ILLiad account?

Sometimes server upgrades interfere with ILLiad logins. To regain access, try:

  • clearing the cache of your browser
  • exiting the browser and re-opening it
  • using a different browser to log in

If you are still having trouble logging in, contact us at iloan@fandm.edu or extension 4224.

Who can use F&M's ILL service?

Current students, professors and professional staff members.

How long will it take for my item(s) to get here?

It depends on the item you are requesting and who owns it.  An article from a journal that is widely held could take a few hours or a few days to arrive.  If you are requesting a book that is only available in a library across the country, it could take a few weeks for it to arrive.  

How can I check the status of my requests?

Log in to ILLiad and look under "Outstanding Requests."  Click on the title for more information.  

How will I know when my requested items are available for me to use?

For articles - you will receive an email message* when it is available to download from ILLiad. *To prevent ILLiad notifications from going to your spam folder, we recommend you add the email address iloan@fandm.edu to your list of contacts/trusted addresses soon after creating your account.

For books and other physical items - you will receive an email message when the item is ready to be picked up.  ILL items are on the holdshelf at the Shadek-Fackenthal Library Circulation Desk.  The Due Date will be noted on the band wrapped around the item.

How do I download my requested articles?

Log in to ILLiad and look under "Articles Available to Download." Click on View next to the article you want and save it to your computer.

How will I know when my ILL item is due back at the library?

The item's Due Date appears on the band wrapped around the item. You can also find the due date in ILLiad.

How can I view a list of all items checked out to me?

Log in to ILLiad and scroll down to "Items Checked Out to You"

Where do I return my borrowed ILL items?

You can return ILL items to the Circulation Desk at either Shadek-Fackenthal Library or Martin Library of the Sciences.  There is also a book drop on the Shadek-Fackenthal library porch.

Can I renew ILL items?  

Check the band wrapped around the item - if the box next to "No Renewals" is checked, no option for renewing the item will appear in ILLiad. If that statement does not appear, Log in to ILLiad, then:

  • click on "Items Checked Out to You"
  • click on the "Renew" button to the right of the title to place a renewal request

When the providing library reviews your request and responds, you will receive an email message indicating whether or not your request was accepted. If so, the message will contain your new Due Date. If the renewal request was denied, the item will remain due on the original Due Date.

Are there fines for overdue ILL items?

Yes. The fine for overdue ILL items is $1/day.

What do I do if I damaged or lost the ILL item I borrowed?

Notify ILL staff members as soon as possible so that they may inform the providing library to learn of replacement fees, etc.

Can I cancel a request?

It depends on where your request is in the process.  Log in to ILLiad and find your request under "Outstanding Requests."  Click on the "Actions" drop-down menu on the right.  If Cancel is in red, click on it to cancel your request.  If "Cancel" is greyed out, you can email iloan@fandm.edu to cancel your request.  Please include the TN# in your request.

How can I view my request history?  

Log in to ILLiad and click on "Your Request History" in the blue banner.