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Connections 2

Information Literacy in the Connections Curriculum

Aims and Skills

Connections 2: Research/Information Literacy Aims and Skills

Connections 2 Seminars build upon and extend the skills introduced in Connections 1 and contain materials and assignments that provide further development of:

Research/Information Literacy

  • Using the library and other resources to complete a research task.
  • Evaluating, analyzing, and synthesizing research findings in papers and presentations, with proper citation.
  • Addressing open questions or problems that require further inquiry by identifying and bringing to bear appropriate sources of information.

From the: Connections Document 2: Profile of Connections Seminars: Aims and Skills.

The Connections Web Site: Teaching the Connections Curriculum

Designing Library Research Assignments and Workshops for CNX 2 courses

Consult with the course librarian to design assignments and
schedule library research workshops best suited to the content and flow of your course.  

If you have not yet connected with your CNX librarian, and/or if you have any questions, comments, etc.,
concerning information literacy in the Connections curriculum,
Lisa Stillwell, Associate Librarian for Research Services, lisa.stillwell@fandm.edu