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Connections 2

Information Literacy in the Connections Curriculum

Model Library Research Assignments: Recommended Structure

Recommended structure for CNX 2 library research assignments:

  • Create scaffolded/process-based assignments:
    • ‚Äčintroduce students to the idea that research is a  p r o c e s s
    • have multiple components due over a clearly defined period of time 
      • see example in the box to the right --->
  • Provide clearly stated learning objectives/outcomes
  • Feature one or two low-stakes assignments at the beginning of the process
  • Indicate your preferred citation style:
    • explain why we cite sources
    • guide students on how to learn how to cite
  • Include a statement regarding plagiarism:
    • discuss academic honesty in class
    • guide students on how to avoid plagiarism:
            Library Guide for students: Avoiding Plagiarism

Note: feature the librarian's contact information on your syllabus.

Example: Process-Based Assignment Schedule

Sample CNX 2 Research Paper Schedule:

  • Week 6: Research Topic Statement
  • Week 7: Library Research Workshops
    • Or, the week after break
  • Week 8: Preliminary Bibliography
  • Week 10: Annotated Bibliography
  • Week 12: Extended Outline
  • Week 13: Complete first draft
  • Week 16: Final paper due

Examples of Model Assignments

Model assignments are available on the Teaching the Connections Curriculum web site.