F&M College Library

CNX 144: World Cup Connections

Search Statements: think about language

Tips for effective searching in library databases:

  • Use an * to search for multiple forms of a word in a single search:
  • host*  will search for:
    host, hosts, hosted, hosting, hostess, hostel, hostile, hostility, hostage

  • raci*  will search for:
    racist, racism, racial, racially, racialized, racing, raciest, raciness

  • divers*  will search for:
    diverse, diversity, diversify, diversified, diversification, diversion
  • econom*  will search for:
    economy, economies, economics, economically, economize, economist


  • Use "quotation marks" to have multiple words searched together as a phrase:
    • "equal pay"
    • "third reich"
    • "social media"
    • "united states"
    • "environmental impact"
    • "corporate ownership"
    • "home field advantage"


Search Statements: searching strategies

Search statement structure for searching in library databases:

  • ​Use the word OR (in capital letters) to search for words with similar meaning -- always place within (  ):
    • (poverty OR poor)
    • (hooligan* OR violen*)
    • ("pay gap" OR "wage gap")
    • (ads OR advertis*)


  • Use the word AND (in capital letters) to combine different topics/concepts:
    • soccer AND brexit
    • women AND soccer AND afghani*
    • "world cup" AND host* AND econom*
    • transgender AND (soccer OR athlet*)