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TDF228: Scene Design

Image Citing & Rights

Always remember to cite your images! Citing visual resources, like images, pieces of art, etc, is just as important as citing a book or article. For help citing your images, contact me via email

Please also remember as you're finding and using images from the web, that not all are free to use. For your class purposes, you can usually use a variety of images, regardless of image permissions, as your use falls under Fair Use. If you wish to publish or otherwise make publicly available your project for class, you would need to secure proper image permissions. 

For more information on image permissions or questions, please contact your Research & Visual Arts Librarian, Anna

Library Resources for Images

More Resources...

There are many online image repositories that are freely available to access from anywhere, including:

The New York Public Library Digital Collections

For more resources on finding images online, please consult the Finding Images Online Guide: