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Native Voices

Complementary Displays in Shadek-Fackenthal Library

Native Voices:  Selections from Franklin & Marshall College's Zine Library & Artists' Books Collection

Shadek-Fackenthal Library Lobby
Zines are independently published magazines driven by passion rather than profit.  With names like "Empower yoself before you wreck yoself" and "Going places:  powwow country," the zines in this exhibit manifest the voices of young Native Americans who self-publish to communicate their experiences with education, family, culture, health, and other issues.
The exhibit also features two letterpress-printed artists' books that recall artist Catherine Michaelis' Native American heritage.  

Materials Available for Checkout

A variety of titles from F&M's general collection are displayed on the book case across from the circulation desk. 

Complementary Displays in Martin Library of the Sciences

What is Native American Literature? Who and What is a "Native Voice"?  A sampling of the various types of literature by and about Native Americans covering the genres of oral history and folklore, early autobiographies and novels, histories, and contemporary novels and autobiographies is on display on the first floor near the Native Voices exhibit. The works represent a variety of Native experiences and explore the question of how the Native American experience is characterized and what is considered a Native voice among scholars and Native Peoples.


Materials Available for Checkout
A variety of titles from F&M Library's own collection are on display which deal with medicine, disease, health, and healing as it relates to, and is articulated by, Native Peoples of the Americas. These titles can be found on the New Books display at the Martin Library Of The Sciences.