F&M College Library

Interlibrary Loan at F&M

This guide demonstrates how faculty, staff and current students can use the interlibrary loan service!

Things to know about requesting textbooks:

If you haven't already, try EZBorrow first!  EZBorrow is your quickest option for printed books.

EZBorrow is a network of 60 college and university libraries in our region.  If a library in the network can supply your book, it should arrive in 3-5 business days, and you can keep your book for 16 weeks.

If you cannot get a book through EZBorrow, place an ILL request.  The ILL network includes thousands of libraries throughout the US and the world!  Please be aware that Interlibrary Loan items COULD take up to two weeks to arrive.  Please do not place an ILL request if you need the book immediately.    

A few tips regarding textbook requests:

  • DO NOT place ILL and EZBorrow requests at the same time - Getting copies from both EZBorrow and ILL is a waste of time and resources.  If you placed an EZBorrow request, wait until you know that it is not available before trying ILL.  You will know if the book is not available via EZBorrow usually within 24 hours. 
  • Expedite your request by requesting an older edition - ILL will only request textbooks that are 2 years old or older because recent editions are nearly impossible to borrow. It is more likely that you will be able to get an older edition through ILL.    
  • Keep track of your due dates and request renewals, if needed - Textbooks received through ILL will not necessarily be on loan for the entire semester.  It is your responsibility to know when they are due.
  • If you need a textbook quickly, rent through the bookstore or other textbook rental sites.  Getting books via ILL takes at least 4-5 business days. 

If you need help finding a resource you need, come see us in the Research Services Office in Shad!