F&M College Library

Connections 1

Information Literacy in the Connections Curriculum

Encourage students to think about the library

Engage students in thinking about the library prior to their first meeting with the librarian/visit to the library.

The librarian could create an online venue where students can post questions anonymously, prior to the first encounter with the class:

Welcome to the library!  How may I demystify the library for you?  --this is a link to a Padlet populated by students in a CNX 1 course

You could also have students write questions out, anonymously, when students first arrive for class.

Invite students to send e-mail questions to the librarian a few days prior to the first encounter--a sample invitation:

Dear all:

Our next class will meet in the [Shadek-Fackenthal or Martin] Library to meet our librarian and get to know the building.  The librarian, [insert name here], requests that you each email [her/him] at least one question about the library so [s/he] can plan our exploration accordingly. Please email your question(s) to: [insert email address here].  See you at the library…