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Celebrating Scholarship 2015

Celebrating Scholarship 2015

Welcome to Celebrating Scholarship 2015!
This site features works produced by Franklin & Marshall College faculty and professional staff during the 2014 calendar year.
An exhibit of the works is on view in the lobby of the Shadek-Fackenthal Library through March 25, 2015.

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This site features author-submitted citations to works produced in calendar year 2014. It is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the Franklin & Marshall College author. Author names appear in bolded text.

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Karel, Thomas A."Is There a Future for Collection Development Librarians?" in Too Much Is Not Enough: Charleston Conference Proceedings, 2013. Purdue University Press, 2014.

Richard Kent. “Writing the World and One’s Place in It [Seamus Heaney’s `Alphabets’],” Field (No. 91, Fall 2014): 18-23.

Richard Kent. “Performing for the Earth God,” Tar River Poetry (Vol. 53, No. 2, Spring 2014), 28. 

Richard Kent. "Pennsylvania POP." [Group Exhibition] The Demuth Museum, Lancaster, PA: Pennsylvania POP Annual Invitational Exhibition, February 7-March 2, 2014.​

Richard Kent. "Photography 33." [Group Exhibition] Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ: February 1-March 29, 2014​.

Richard Kent. "Of Memory, Bone, and Myth Exhibition" [Group Exhibition], The 5th Annual Rourke Art Gallery Museum, Moorhead, MN: April 11-June 1st, 2014​.

Kostis Kourelis and Monica Giacomucci. “Old Glass in New Light: The Stained Glass Windows of the Lancaster Theological Seminary,” The Journal of the Lancaster County Historical Society 116, no. 1 (2014-2015), pp. 2-35.

William Caraher, Kostis Kourelis, and Andrew Reinhard, Punk Archaeology (Grand Forks: The Digital Press of the University of North Dakota, 2014).

Amy L. Lytle, Etienne Gagnon, Lauren Tulchinsky, J.Ken Krebs, "Spectrally shaped broadband study of up-conversion in Y2O3:Er3+," Journal of Luminescence 152, 139-142 (2014).

Kurland, N. B. 2014. "Shared Governance and the Sustainable College." International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education. 15:1, pp. 63-83.

Kurland, N. B. and McCaffrey, S. J., “Social Movement Organization Leaders and the Creation of Markets for ‘Local’ Goods” Forthcoming in Business & Society. Published online first - 2014.  DOI: 10.1177/0007650314549439

Giovanna Lerner. "Contemporaneità and Ecological Thinking in Carlo Levi's Writing." Thinking Italian Animals: Human and Posthuman in Modern Italian Fiction and Film.  Eds. Elena Past and Deborah Amberson. New York and London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.  197-214.

Giovanna Lerner. “Spazi urbani di ospitalità nel cinema delle donne,” FASCinA 2nd Annual International Conference,University of Sassari, October 23, 2014.​

Giovanna Lerner. Sogno, memoria e storia: la Roma di Carlo Levi e di Federico Fellini, University of Bologna, Department of Italian Studies and Classical Philology, October 30, 2014.​

Simon, Joseph; Polin, Abigail; Lommen, Andrea; Stappers, Ben; Finn, Lee Samuel; Jenet, F. A.; Christy, B. "Gravitational Wave Hotspots: Ranking Potential Locations of Single-source Gravitational Wave Emission." The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 784, Issue 1, article id. 60, 8 pp. (2014). (ApJ Homepage) Publication Date: 03/2014 DOI:10.1088/0004-637X/784/1/60

Christy, Brian; Anella, Ryan; Lommen, Andrea; Finn, Lee Samuel; Camuccio, Richard; Handzo, Emma. "Optimization of NANOGrav's Time Allocation for Maximum Sensitivity to Single Sources." The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 794, Issue 2, article id. 163, 9 pp. (2014). (ApJ Homepage) Publication Date10/2014 DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/794/2/163

Lonsdorf, E.V., Anderson, K.E., Stanton, M.A., Shender, M., Heintz, M.R., Murray, C.M. (2014). "Boys will be boys: sex differences in wild infant chimpanzee social interactions."  Animal Behaviour 88: 79-83.

Lonsdorf, E.V., Markham, A.C, Heintz, M.R., Anderson, K.E., Ciuk, D.J., Goodall, J., Murray, C.M. (2014). "Sex differences in wild chimpanzee behavior emerge during infancy."  PLoS ONE: e99099.

Etienne Gagnon, Christopher D. Brown, and Amy L. Lytle, "Effects of detector size and position on a test of Born’s rule using a three-slit experiment," Physical Review A 90, 013832 (2014).

Amy L. Lytle, Etienne Gagnon, Lauren Tulchinsky, J.Ken Krebs, "Spectrally shaped broadband study of up-conversion in Y2O3:Er3+," Journal of Luminescence 152, 139-142 (2014).

Rachel Myer, Allison Penfield, Etienne Gagnon, and Amy L. Lytle, "Enhancing the Conversion Efficiency of Second Harmonic Generation Using Counterpropagating Light," Presented at the OSA Frontiers in Optics Meeting, Tuscon, AZ, 23 October 2014.

Samuel Adipa, Amy L. Lytle and Etienne Gagnon, "High Efficiency, Modular, Optical Pulse-Shaping Technique for Tunable, Narrowband THz Generation," Presented at the 39th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves, Tucson, AZ, September 2014.

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