F&M College Library

CNX 211: The Future of Public Education

Discovering and Accessing: Data

Education Demographic and Geographic Estimates/EDGE Dashboard -- from the U. S. National Center for Education Statistics/NCES 

  • Search for your school district by typing in the name of the district in the search box and WAIT for links to appear!

Coronavirus Pandemic Information and Resources -- from the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics/NCES

  • "In response to the coronavirus pandemic, NCES has gathered a sampling of relevant data, resources, and tools to answer questions that students, parents, educators, and researchers might have. This webpage lists common questions related to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on education."

The Educational Opportunity Project at Stanford University

  • "Includes a range of detailed data on educational conditions, contexts, and outcomes in school districts and counties across the United States." 

Social Explorer -- create your own data tables, reports, etc.

  • "Explore over 500,000 data indicators and over 220 years of data for the United States from the first Census of 1790 to the present."

Discovering and Accessing: News Sources

Newsbank -- Search Newsbank for news sources ranging from small town to major city newspapers in the U.S.  

1. BEFORE typing in your search words, scroll down and Refine Source by Location -- click on the checkbox next to your school district's state.

2. Next, scroll back up to the search boxes, and type in a simple search statement, such as

syracuse AND "public schools"  

3. BEFORE looking at the results, scroll down to refine your results by Source location  -- click on the + to open the list then select your location.

4. Note the results are displayed with the most recently published/ newest articles listed first.

5. If you'd like, you can ADD SEARCH TERMS at the top of the screen -- for example, change the original search statement to

syracuse AND "public school" AND covid

Education Week -- Produced by the non-profit organization Editorial Projects in Education, with a focus on pre-collegiate education in the United States. 

Note: the link goes to a database platform for specifically searching content published in Education Week.