F&M College Library

HIS/WGSS 356: European Sexualities

Discovering and Accessing Primary Source Materials @ F&M and Beyond

To discover primary source materials @ F&M and Beyond:​

1. Start at the F&M College Library web site: library.fandm.edu

2. Click on Advanced Search.

3. In the box labeled Keyword, type in your search statement, with all search operators in CAPITAL LETTERS! 

Example: sex* AND (france OR french) AND (18th OR eighteenth)

4. Combine, using the operator AND, your Keyword search statement with a Subject search statement featuring the following words (copy and paste into the catalog search box):

(documents OR interviews OR correspondence OR letters OR speeches
OR diaries OR narratives OR sources OR collections OR memoir)

5. Format:  Book

6. Language: English

7. Library:  Libraries Worldwide

8. Search!

Now, assess your results:

1. If too few results retrieved, consider what elements of your search statement you could remove to still find relevant material.  Return to the Advanced search, alter your search statement in the Keyword box, confirm the second search type is Subject, perform the search.

2. If sufficient results:

a) Format: Print book

b) Sorted by: Best Match.

Discovering and Accessing Books @ F&M and Beyond

To discover books @ F&M and Beyond:​

1. Start at the F&M College Library web site: library.fandm.edu

2. Click on the BOOKS tab.

3. Type in your search statement, with all search operators in CAPITAL LETTERS!

Example: sex* AND (france OR french) AND (law or legal) AND (18th OR eighteenth)

4. Search!

Now, assess your results.  If you would like to go beyond F&M's holdings:

1. Library: Libraries Worldwide.

2. Format: Print book.

3. Sorted by: Best Match.

E-Z Borrow: Books

To request books to which we do not have immediate access use EZBorrow.

Interlibrary Loan/ILL: Articles and Books

To request articles or books/book chapters not available at F&M use Interlibrary Loan/ILL.