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BIO 220: Principles of Physiology and Development

A course in organismic biology, emphasizing the principles of physiology and development in both animals and plants.

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Welcome to the BIO220 Libguide. After you decide on a preliminary research topic, try some search terms in Discover. Narrow your search output to Books, then look closer at volumes of interest to read summaries, tables of contents and subject headings. You can also look at Selected Books to develop greater topic context. Use your preliminary searching experience to refine your topic and search strategy, then expand search output to include journal articles.

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For this research exercise, you will be searching for materials related to SEA URCHINS. You will be exploring how variables may impact life stages. Below are some suggested terms you might use.

Life stages: reproduction, gametogenesis, fertilization, development, larval stage, embryos

Variables: temperature/thermal (global warming), pH (acid, alkaline), toxicity, CO2, sediment, salinity, light (UV), environment, inhibit, calcium, diet

Sample search string: sea urchin AND reproduction AND temperature

Library demo & discussion

This library session was recorded on August 27, 2020. The research focus was plant physiology, which you will also explore later in the semester. Search strategies, using Discover and Web of Science will also serve you well, as you research Sea Urchins and other echinoderms. Many thanks to Professor Gotsch and class for participating and making this recording available.

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