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SOC 100: Digital Map Portfolio

Research Log for the Digital Map Portfolio

Follow this link and make a copy of the Research Log for your Digital Map Portfolio.
Use this document to take notes about StorymapJS, keep track of your images, sources for slide text, etc.

Finding images for your Digital Map Portfolio

Search Google for images, as it has a feature to help you easily find images legally available for your use

  1. Search for your location.  At the top of the results page, select images
  2. Before doing anything else:
    1. Click on Tools -- a menu of options will appear
    2. Click on Usage Rights -- another menu will appear
    3. Select Creative Commons Licenses  --  the page will reload
  3. Now proceed with selecting images, being sure to confirm they are in fact available to use!

Note: Some images have multiple licensing options -- just be sure to use the license with the fewest restrictions!  Also, if the image is noted as being in the "Public Domain," one can use it without attribution or linking to a license.

Link to StorymapJS

Use this link to access StorymapJS.

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