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ART461: Art, History, and the Museum

A research guide for Professor Aleci's Fall 2019 ART461 course, Art, History, and the Museum.

Organizing Your Research

Visually Organizing Your Research with Concept Maps

It's important to keep track of your papers, newspaper articles, and other resources for your class work. One way that I like to do this is with a concept map. 

Concept maps, like the one to your right, are simple tools used to organize thoughts, ideas, and more. They're very flexible, and you can use them however works best for you. 

I like to put the topic I'm researching at the center, and place different keywords, subtopics, and search terms around it, to represent my searches. 

To make your own concept maps, use a simple piece of paper and a pen/pencil. There are online programs, as well, if you prefer.  Contact me for more!  


Organizing Your Research with Zotero

It's also important, especially for your literature reviews, to organize and manage your citations. Use a citation management tool, like Zotero, to do this.

We'll cover Zotero and how to use it in our second library session, but remember, if you have any questions you can look at the Zotero tab on this guide for more information, or you can contact Anna

Concept Map Example