F&M College Library

CNX 132: Material Culture


Remember that you need to use keywords when searching in library resources. Think about keywords that might be used to describe your topic and brainstorm synonyms for those words to include in your searching as well. Use "" when you want to search multiple terms as a phrase. Keep in mind that the name of your language may be spelled in different ways. 

Don't forget to use words like AND, OR, and NOT (boolean operators) between your keywords to broaden or narrow your search. 

Examples of keywords: (name of your object), technology, identity, "material culture", clothing, object, 

Possible synonyms: artifact, (other names for your object), materialism, consumerism, fashion.

Sample search strings: (name of object) AND identity; technology AND "material culture"





Subject Terms

se Subject Terms (assigned by the Library of Congress) to find like items in the library catalog and in journal databases. If you find a useful book or article, its catalog record usually will include Subject Terms under "Description" that you can use to find related research material. Below is a screenshot of a catalog record with subject hyperlinks. In the actual record, you will be able to click on the links to find related material. 


Many databases provide ways for you to limit your search results. If your initial search returns too many results try limiting these results using these features such as limiting by date, type of publication, subject, etc. 

Limit to Franklin & Marshall College

Limit to last ten years of publication

Limit to the subject area of anthropology

Limit to articles