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How to Find ESOL Resources in Discover

Suggested Keywords:

  • "applied linguistics"

Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary field which identifies, investigates, and offers solutions to language-related real-life problems. Some of the academic fields related to applied linguistics are education, psychology, communication research, anthropology, and sociology.

  • L2

A person's second language, or L2, is a language that is not the native language (first language or L1) of the speaker, but is learned later (usually as a foreign language, but it can be another language used in the speaker's home country).

  • "second language acquisition"

Second-language acquisition, second-language learning, or L2 acquisition, is the process by which people learn a second language. Second-language acquisition is also the scientific discipline devoted to studying that process.

  • ESL

English as a Second Language

  • ESOL

English for Speakers of Other Languages

  • EFL

English as a Foreign Language

  • ELL

English Language Learner

  • NNES

Non-Native English Speaker

  • ELF

English as a Lingua Franca

  • World Englishes
  • Emerging Multilinguals

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