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CNX 155: Collage

Guide for Professor Brady's Fall 2023 CNX 155 class.

Questions to Ask Yourself


  • Who wrote the source? Can you find an author or authors listed on the source? 
  • What kind of background does (do) the author(s) have? Try Googling their name -- what else have they written? 
  • Who is the publisher of the source? What interests might they have that would shape the way the source is written? 


  • What is the source about? Does the author have the appropriate knowledge or experience to write about the topic? What are their credentials and affiliations? 
  • What information is the author citing? Do they provide references? Can you track down their sources? 


  • When was the source written? How might the culture of that time influence the content? 
  • Can you find a date anywhere on the website or source? 


  • For a website, what is the URL? 
    • Sometimes you can tell more about a website based on the end of its address (e.g. .edu, .com, .gov), but this is not always an indicator of reliable information. 
  • Where was the source published, if not online? What perspective is it coming from? 


  • Think back to the author of the source, if you found one. What possible motivation could they have for writing the source? 
  • Does the source have a clear message? Does that message align with the author's or website's intentions?