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CLS 271: Race & Ethnicity in the Classical World


Antiquity à la Carte 

The Antiquity À-la-carte application is a web-based GIS interface and interactive digital atlas of the ancient world, featuring accurate historical, cultural, and geographical data produced by the AWMC in addition to the entire Pleiades Project feature set. The map is completely searchable with customizable features, allowing for the creation of any map covering Archaic Greece to Late Antiquity and beyond.

ArcGIS StoryMap

Use the simple map maker to create custom maps to enhance your digital storytelling. Or add text, photos, and videos to your existing ArcGIS web maps and web scenes to create an interactive narrative that's easy to publish and share. 

Finding Images Online

Here are some useful digital collections and hints about where to find rights information. Note: While these resources are listed here because they clearly indicate the copyright status of items, some of their collections include copyrighted items. Be sure to check the rights information and follow requirements for reuse.

Image Resources from Research and Cultural Heritage Organizations

Other Image Resources

  • Creative Commons Image Search
    • Search for images with Creative Commons Licenses from freely available resources including Europeana, Wikimedia Commons, and Flickr
  • Wikimedia Commons
    • Media repository to which anyone can contribute. Search for items and click on "More Details" to find out about the permissions afforded under the license for the item.

If you need more information about Creative Commons, take a look at the descriptions of Creative Commons licenses.


Resources for finding information about locations, including latitude and longitude. 

Citing Images

Find information about how to cite images on the F&M Library's Citing Sources guide.