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What makes a good research question?

Consider these questions when formulating your research question:

  • Do you find the research topic interesting?
  • Is your question open ended?
  • Can you take a stand on your topic (compare/contrast, problem solve, etc.)?
  • Is your topic too broad, too narrow, or okay? 
  • Will you be able to find the resources to answer your question? 

Find Background Informaiton

This is the first place you should search when doing music research. Use it to find background information about your topic, and pay particular attention to the bibliographies at the end of each entry. They can provide you with great sources! 

Find Books

Search here for books, and ebooks. 



Sample searches:

Schubert AND "piano concerto" AND (analysis OR criticism OR interpretation)

Schubert AND (society OR culture OR politics OR philosophy)

"elizabethan melancholy"

Recommended Databases


Other Useful Guides

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