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CNX 281: Unequal America

Finding academic/scholarly sources @ F&M and Beyond: journal articles

Finding academic/scholarly sources @ F&M and Beyond: books

Search Discover to find books and ebooks @ F&M:  

To perform a general, exploratory search in Discover:

  • Start at the F&M College Library web site: library.fandm.edu
  • Click on the BOOKS tab.
  • Type in your search statement to perform a Keyword search
    • To discover books published by a university press, include the word "university":
      • Example search statement:
        • university AND "campaign finance"
  • Search!
  • On the results page, select: Sorted by: BEST MATCH
  • To determine the publisher of a book:
    • Click on the title-link of the book
    • Click on the arrow to open the DESCRIPTION
    • Read the PUBLICATION line to determine the publisher

To discover print books available beyond F&M:

  • Follow the steps above, but change the location to: Libraries Worldwide.  Then:
  • On the results page, select:
    • Format: Print book--because we can borrow print books (not ebooks!) from other libraries...
    • Sorted by: Best match
    • If you discover books not available at F&M but of interest to you:
      • search EZ BORROW to determine if you could borrow books from
        a nearby library.
      • If the book is not available via EZ Borrow, use the Interlibrary Loan
        (or "ILL")

Interlibrary Loan/ILL: Articles and Books

To request articles or books/book chapters not available at F&M use Interlibrary Loan/ILL.

E-Z Borrow: Books

To request books to which we do not have immediate access use EZBorrow.

The Life Cycle of Information

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The Information Cycle

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