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Tips for Giving Presentations:

1. Know your audience. What do they already know about your topic? What context do you need to provide to them? 

2. Have structure to your presentation. Making an outline of the points you want to make can help with this. Let your audience know what you're planning to share with them during your presentation. 
3. Use visuals if they will enhance your presentation. Is there information that your audience should be able to see? What technology do you have available to you in the space where you will be presenting? 
4. Show your enthusiasm! One of the criteria for a good research topic is that it's interesting to you. This is the time to share that interest with your audience! 
5. Practice! Practice! Practice! Make sure you have gone over your presentation before it really counts. Find a friend who is willing to listen to your presentation and give you feedback. 

7 Presentation Skill and Tips to Leave an Impression

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