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ANT 270: North Pacific Peoples

Using Keywords & Author Search

Identify the key words that describe your topic and use them to search the library catalog and databases.  Make a list of synonyms and search with those, too. Enclose words in "quotation marks" when you want multiple words to express one idea or concept. You can also combine keywords using AND/OR to broaden or narrow your search.


The name of your culture or cultures ("Siberian Yupik"; Haida, etc.)

Your specific topic (colonialism, "oral literature", language, etc.)

Synonyms and antonyms of the above or different spellings

Words and phrases taken from the indices of your course books



Search here for books, ebooks, movies, articles, & more


Do I Have to Read the Whole Thing?

Key Points from Rosen's article:

  • Scholarship is a conversation
    • Pay attention to these elements when reading a journal article-
  1.  Title
  2.  Abstract
  3.  Introduction
  4.  Section Headings
  5.  Conclusion

Core Research Databases