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BOS 200: Strategies for Organizing

Evaluating Information Activity

Below are links to five different sources. In groups you will look at one of these sources to determine:

  1. What type of source are you looking at? 
  2. Is this source credible? What are your criteria to determine this? Be as specific as possible. 
  3. How might you use this type of source in your research? 

Please have someone in your group write the responses to these questions on the wall. You will have 5-10 minutes to answer the questions and then we will share as a group. 

Find Background Information

Suggested Databases


Search here for books, ebooks, movies, articles, & more


Brainstorming Activity


What is the topic? What are some related subtopics?





Who are the stakeholders involved in this issue?





How are the stakeholders involved?

How does this topic impact society, politics, etc.?





Why does this topic matter?






Research Help