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Citing Sources

What are Citation Management Tools?

Citation management tools, such as Zotero and Mendeley, can help you stay organized when doing your research by gathering and organizing citation information for the sources that you find. By storing this information for you they also make citation and bibliography creation a snap. Take a look at the resources below for an overview of these tools and links to information about how get started using either one of them. 



Originally an add-on for Firefox, Zotero can now be used in a variety of browsers including Chrome and Safari so you can save citation information from a variety of different sources. The video below gives a quick overview of the tool. For more detailed instructions check out Zotero's Quick Start Guide or this research guide created by Georgia State University Library.   


Mendeley allows you to store citation information as well as your PDFs so that you can create your own fully searchable PDF library in addition to creating citations and bibliographies. Their website provides a variety of resources for getting started with the different versions of Mendeley and the Washington University Libraries have a great guide to get you started. 


Comparison of the Tools

If you are unsure which of these tools is right for you, check out this video created by the Portland State University Library. They do a great job highlighting the similarities and differences between each of the tools!