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Identifying Scholarship: What can we learn by considering the object?

Considering periodical publications:

  • Physical/Visual clues:
    • Design elements: color, graphics, advertisements, etc.
    • Durability: quality of the physical object
    • Publication frequency
  • Audience:
    • For whom is the content intended?
      • What reading-level is required for the reader to
        understand the content?
  • Authority:
    • Is the author credentialed?  Affiliated with an
      organization or institution?
    • Who is the publisher?
    • Are sources cited?
    • Has the content gone through a peer-review or
      refereed process?
  • Clues in the publications's title:
    • Scholarly periodicals often have at least one of the
      following words in its title:  
      • Journal  |  Review  |  Study/Studies  |  Research
      • Quarterly, or one of the four seasons:
        Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

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