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CNX 14x: Masculinity: Threat or Threatened?

Discovering and Accessing Movie Reviews in Newspapers

       1.|  Click on Advanced Search Options, then:

a.) Enter a date range appropriate for the release date of the movie, e.g. for Man of Steel: 05/01/2013 to 01/31/2014

b.) Under the heading Article Type check the box for: Movie Reviews

c.) Click on the Apply button

2.|  In the search box, type in the title of the movie within quotation marks, e.g. "Man of Steel"

3.|  Click on the Search button

4.|  After assessing the results, one may choose to more narrowly focus the search results by opting to:

a.) Search within results for a particular topic, or writer, or publication, etc.  See the search box in the upper right hand corner of the results screen.

b.) View only those movie reviews published in a particular newspaper--see the Sources by Category option in the left frame, and click on Newspapers to see a full list of papers featured in the results.

Discovering and Accessing Movie Reviews in Magazines

1.|  In the top search box, type in the title of the movie within quotation marks, e.g. "Man of Steel"

2.|  Click on the search type Select a Field (optional) and select: SU Subject.

3.|  In the second search box, type in: review

4.|  Click on the search button.

5.|  To access a movie review, click on a link to either HTML or PDF access, or click on the 360LINK icon to determine F&M's online access.  If immediate access is not available, use Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan/ILL: Articles and Books

To request articles or books/book chapters or other materials not available at F&M, use Interlibrary Loan/ILL 


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