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SOC 100: Digital Map Project

Questions to consider for your Digital Map content

Three questions to consider prior to beginning work on your Digital Map Project:

  • What is one location in Evicted you think is important?
  • What is one sociological concept or argument you have learned, and how does it relate to this location?
  • How can you envision and create a single slide (using text, image, and a map location) that brings together your particular Evicted location, given its importance, with the sociological concept you see as related? 


Finding images for your Digital Map

Search Google for images, as it has a feature to help you easily find images legally available for your use.

  1. Search for your location from â€‹Evicted.
  2. Before doing anything else:
    1. Click on Tools -- a menu of options will appear
    2. Click on Usage Rights -- another menu will appear
    3. Select: Labeled for Noncommercial Reuse  --  the page will reload
  3. Now proceed with selecting images, being sure to confirm they are in fact available to use!
  4. Note: another option is to use images available in the "public domain," as these images are freely available for any use.

Making your Digital Map with StoryMapJS

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