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CNX 179: Music and Environment

How To Add Items to Your Library

There are a few different ways to add items to your library -

1. Find the item you would like to use in your web browser and use the browser connector.  

2. Drag and drop a file into your library. 

When the file has been added you can right click (control + click on Mac) and select "Retrieve Metadata for PDF." You may need to install a plug-in. If Zotero is unable to extract metadata you should instead select "Create a Parent Item" and then input the citation information manually. 


3. Manually add the source. 

Click on the green circle with a plus sign, select the type of source, and then input all of the information you would need for a complete citation. 

How to Add Notes and Tags

Click on the item you would like to add a note or tag to in your Zotero library.  In the right hand column select "Notes" to add a note or select "Tags" to add a tag. 



How to Generate a Bibliography and a Report

Right click (control + click on Mac) the folder in your Zotero library that you would like to generate a bibliography or report for. 

If you would like to generate a bibliography, select "Create Bibliography from Collection." You will get to choose the citation style and file type in the next window that pops up. 

If you would like to generate a report, select "Generate Report for Collection." When your report appears click File --> Save.




Originally an add-on for Firefox, Zotero can now be used in a variety of browsers including Chrome and Safari so you can save citation information from a variety of different sources. The video below gives a quick overview of the tool. For more detailed instructions check out Zotero's Quick Start Guide or this research guide created by Georgia State University Library.